WW2 Monthly History - January

There are too many operations and/or notable dates to mention each and every one here.

4th Jan ‘43 ; - Operations in the Djebel Azzag (Sedjenane) area involving No 6 Commando. The Paras were involved in this area as well.  The following months would see two great battles in the region involving Allied Forces that would include No 1 Commando.
23rd Jan ’43 - Operation Cartoon - Lillebe Stord - No 12 Cdo (Northforce). Discover more about No 12 Commando here [view].
20-26th Jan’44 - Operation Shingle - Anzio - HQ 2 Cdo Bde., No  9 Cdo and 43 Cdo.
12th Jan – 22nd Feb. ’44 - Crossing of the River Garigliano - 40 Cdo.
Dec ’44 - Jan’45 - Policing Salonika - No 9 Cdo.
Dec ’44 - Jan’45 - Operation Houndforce - Policing Corfu - 40  Cdo.
Dec ’44 - Jan’45 - Operation Floydforce -  Harrassing ops , Bileca area Yugoslavia - 43  Cdo.
24th Dec’44 - 15th Jan’45 – Defensive patrolling on the Lower Maas, N of Breda - 47 Cdo.
January 1945 also saw No 4 Commando involved in operations in Holland on the island of Schouwen accompanied by 1 troop of No 10 Commando.

Victoria Cross 

January 1945 - 1 Commando Brigade consisting of No.3 (Army) and No.6 (Army) Commandos and Nos.45 and 46 Royal Marine Commandos were operating across the Maas patrolling the Linne area, along with No.41 Royal Marine Commando patrolling the Lower Maas. Amongst their many casualties was Lance Corporal Henry Eric Harden, R.A.M.C. attached to 45RM Commando, who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry. His citation can be found here on our Victoria Cross section [view].


Victoria Cross

January 1945 - 3 Commando Brigade consisting of No.1 (Army) and No.5 (Army) Commandos, and Nos.42 and 44 Royal Marine Commandos (with 1 troop from No.10 Commando) were engaged in operations in the Akyab region of Burma and the Myebon Peninsula. On 22 January operations began that would result in the capture of Kangaw and Daingbon. On 29 January the battle commenced for Hill Pt. 170 in Kangaw. Amongst the many casualties was Lieutenant George Arthur Knowland of No 1 Commando who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry. His citation can be found here on our Victoria Cross section [view].

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