Batu Gajah Christian Cemetery Malaya

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42 Cdo. RM
Marine Bryan Eatough was shot during an ambush in Malaya.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Account of Mne. Eric Blyth, 42 Cdo. in By Sea and Land, author Robin Neillands.]

MACKAY, Peter Lewis

42 Cdo. RM
Captain Peter Mackay died in Malaya. He was awarded the M.C.,[1] for gallant and distinguished service during an action in which he was shot in the head at Perak Malaya on the 1st May 1951[2]. He died 4 days later [3]. He was leading a charge by his patrol of 11 men against bandit forces firing from a ridge above them [2].

NEVARD, Ernest John

45 Cdo. RM

Marine Ernest Nevard was killed when ambushed in a jeep along the Tapah-Chenderiang Road in Perak. Also killed was Marine David Charles Keyes [view].

Malayan Emergency Commonwealth Deaths 1948-1960.
Birmingham Daily Gazette - Saturday 16 September 1950.
British Newspaper Archive (website; The British Library Board.

PARR, Dennis

45 Cdo. RM

Marine Dennis Parr was killed when the truck he was in surprised bandits in the act of robbing a bus in the Gopeng-Kampar hills, Malaya. Also killed in the same incident was Marine Leslie Turner.

Malayan Emergency Commonwealth Deaths 1948-1960.
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