LEACH, Peter James

Unit / Base: 
'3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Sergeant Peter Leach DSM RM
Sergeant Peter Leach was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for operations in the South Atlantic during the defence of South Georgia.
Sergeant Leach was responsible for establishing Observation Posts at Leith, South Georgia to monitor the activities of an Argentine party illegally landed on the island.
When it became clear that a full scale Argentine assault was about to begin, on the night of 2/3 April 1982, the decision was taken to recover the men to the main base at Grytviken. Using Gemini inflatable boats Sergeant Leach and his men moved across open seas, although they knew that Argentine warships were nearby. However, they successfully reached -the base and whilst the commanding officer conducted initial negotiations with the Argentines, Sergeant Leach acted quickly to consolidate defensive positions.
When the attack eventually came he displayed sound judgement, leadership and great discipline although the detachment was heavily outnumbered by the invading forces.
London Gazette 48999, page 7422.

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