MCGUIGAN, Patrick Anthony

Royal Marines
Royal Navy
RM 18302
Honours & Awards: 
Corporal Patrick McGuigan was awarded the Military Medal for gallant and distinguished services in operations in the South Arabian Federation.
On the night of 4th/5th November 1966, Corporal McGuigan was a mobile fire controller for the 81mm mortars of X Company Group which was part of a force operating in the Wadi Taym area of Qutaibi Province in the South Arabian Federation. The company group was acting as a decoy force, and Corporal McGuigan had been allocated to the most isolated of the troop positions which lay astride the probable approach route for a dissident attack.
At 0030 hours the whole company, and in particular the troop to which Corporal McGuigan was attached, suffered a heavy and accurate attack with blindicide, automatic weapons and rifle fire. Enemy small arms subjected his troop to both direct and plunging fire, which swept into the forward sangar positions. The suddenness, speed and intensity of the attack called for vigorous, determined and controlled action. With great coolness, presence of mind and a complete disregard for his own safety in such an exposed position Corporal McGuigan controlled the fire of his own mortars on to the enemy positions. At the same time, he took command of the riflemen in whose position he was located and brought effective fire from the 2 inch mortar and the machine guns to bear on to the dissidents. This he continued to do until the enemy withdrew having suffered heavy casualties.
There is no doubt that Corporal McGuigan by his prompt and gallant action played a vital role in the successful outcome of the engagement. Furthermore his coolness and calmness under fire were an inspiration and a magnificent example to the younger and less experienced marines under his command.
London Gazettes Supp. 44321, page 6082.

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