WEBB, Michael Hinton

Unit / Base: 
2 Commando
South African Union Defence Force
Monday, June 6, 1921

Citation for the Bar to his Military Cross for gallantry whilst attached to No 2 Commando during operations at Spilje, Albania on Operation Healing 2:

"Captain Webb was in command of a force of 2 Troops, which had to attack a series of strongly defended houses and machine gun posts. Throughout the action, Captain Webb’s cool, brilliant leadership, his complete unconcern at all times for his own safety, and his infectious aggressive spirit were an inspiration to all ranks. He led several assaults himself, continually urging and encouraging his men, and set a fine example, destroying the enemy himself wherever possible. During the heat of the attack he personally rallied his troops and led them on to the final assault. The success of this attack was very largely due to his dash and determination.
Later Captain Webb’s force was called to assist other Troops, who were held up, and again, despite the increasing numbers of snipers lying up in vineyards, his disregard for danger was outstanding. During a difficult dis-engagement and withdrawal, Captain Webb was a tower of strength, organising and giving personally every possible assistance to evacuate a large number of casualties back to the beaches. His bravery and unflagging energy undoubtedly saved the lives of several men. Captain Webb has shown consistent bravery and capacity for leadership in actions on the Dalmation Coast, notably on BRAC, where he was recommended."
(Source LG Supp. 36730, page 4569 and Commando Gallantry awards of WW2 by George Brown.)

He had previously been awarded the Military Cross serving with 1/3rd Bn. Transvaal Scottish, Union Defence Force, South Africa

Citation for the first award of the Military Cross.
"During an enemy attack on our positions at BIR-EN-NAGHIA in CYRENAICA on the evening of 28 May 42, our forward outpost was compelled to withdraw owing to the fierceness of the attack. It was imperative for us to hold the outpost as it dominated our lines, and also the sectors held by the Battalions on our left and right. Lieutenant Webb was detailed to occupy the outpost with two sections. Under terrific shell and machine gun fire he reoccupied the post and successfully held it against several determined attacks during the period 28-29 May. At 0830 hours on 29 May he led an attack against the Italians who were endeavouring to dig in positions forward of his post. His personal dash and courage were an inspiration to his men and in no small way contributed to the success of the attack which resulted in the capture of over one hundred prisoners."
(Source: CVA entry for Operation Healing 11)

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