SLATER, Marshall Gordon

Troop Sergeant Major
6 Commando
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
P.O.W. number: 
Honours & Awards: 
Troop Sergeant Major Marshall Slater was reported missing North Africa 26 February 1943 (Battle of Steamroller Farm at El Arousa, Tunisia) but was found to have been taken prisoner [1], held initially at Camp 66 [2] at Capua before being transported to Stalag 4B [3].
  • 29 August 1946 received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in the Field [4][5].
  • He later emigrated to Canada [6].
After his capture at El Arousa, North Africa, on 27 February 1943, Slater was imprisoned in various camps in Italy and Germany. On 3 May 1944 he escaped from the working site and reached Prague on 10 May, but was reported by civilians and recaptured. In June of the same year he made another escape from the same working party. This time he escaped through a window at night, but was recaptured five days later in a wood near Pirna. Slater made three more attempts from the same working party but in each case was recaptured within a few days. He was liberated by Allied forces in May 1945 [5].
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Sources 1-4 above show rank as Sgt. Source at 5 and 6 show rank as TSM. This was likely a temporary or acting rank.

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