WESTON, John Culpeper

Unit / Base: 
40 Commando RM
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 
Wednesday, April 11, 1928
Died : 
Friday, March 27, 2020
Captain John Weston was awarded the Military Cross for distinguished service in support of operations in East and West Malaysia during the period 24th June 1965 to 23rd December 1965.
"On the 12th September a reconnaissance patrol from 'C' Company of 40 Commando discovered a platoon of Indonesians in position on the Sarawak Border.
Operation 'Stonehouse' was mounted on the 14th September with the aim of destroying this force.
After a long and very difficult approach through dense forest and severe hills, Captain (now Major) Weston who had planned the operation in detail successfully positioned his Company near the enemy. He then led a small patrol to ascertain the enemy's exact dispositions. He placed his sub-units for a fire assault. This was less than 70 yards from the enemy.
At this moment two civilians spotted one of our fire groups and gave the alarm. A very fierce fire fight developed immediately, during which a number of the enemy were hit. The enemy maintained heavy small arms and mortar fire for some time but were then forced to retreat by 'C' Company's accurate fire.
Throughout this action Captain Weston who was close to his most forward troops, controlled the fire and the movements of his sub-units with great coolness and disregard for his own safety. Over a period of four months he has led his Company on a number of operations both on the border and in the rear areas. All these have been well planned and led. On three occasions they have disrupted Communist elements and the third resulted in the capture of a group of Communists one of whom had been badly wanted by the Special Branch for several months.
The efficiency and determination displayed by 'C' Company on all its operations has very largely resulted from the training and leadership of Captain Weston who although still severely handicapped by an arm badly wounded at Suez has never spared himself and has set a magnificent example to his men."
London Gazette 43994, page 6129.

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