FLEMMING, James Maul

Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Marine James Flemming received a MiD in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe [1].
On the 16th May 1950 it was announced in London Gazettes that the now Leading Fireman James Maul Flemming had been awarded the B.E.M. (Civil Division)


"When a fire broke out in the Flower Market at Covent Garden, Fireman Flemming, wearing breathing apparatus, entered the basement by way of a goods conveyor shaft and was working on the fire when he heard an appeal for help. With some difficulty he located the caller, another member of the Fire Brigade, who was in a state of partial collapse and unable to walk unaided.
Fireman Hemming half pushed and half carried the man to the foot of the conveyor shaft but in doing so dislodged the nose clip of his own breathing apparatus set, which resulted in his inhaling considerable quantities of smoke. He succeeded, however, in lifting his colleague on to the bottom of the conveyor shaft which was about 3 ft. 6 ins. from ground level but by this time was himself in a state of collapse. Knowing that he would be unable to complete the rescue alone, he climbed up the conveyor shaft to the street and obtained the help of other firemen. He then collapsed. Fireman Flemming displayed great determination and courage in particularly hazardous circumstances." [2].
On the 14th June 1975 James Maul Flemming, B.E.M., now Chief Fire Officer, Hertfordshire Fire Brigade, was appointed O.B.E. [3].
On the 25th January 1977 it was announced that James Maul Flemming, Esq., O.B.E., B.E.M., was appointed an Inspector of Fire Services. [4].
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