WARD, Chrystie Nigel Hanslip

Unit / Base: 
'42 Commando RM'
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 
Corporal Chrystie Ward was awarded the Military Medal for his gallantry during operations on the Falkland Islands.
On 12th June 1982 'K' Coy, 42 Commando, was the leading company for a unit night attack against a strongly held Argentine position on Mount Harriet. Fierce fighting followed at close quarters amongst the rocks in which decisive and inspiring leadership was vital. Corporal Ward set an outstanding example in this respect by leading from the front to encourage his section to exploit shock action and successfully overrun the position. This was only achieved by a series of assaults on machine gun positions and groups of snipers. Several ranks were wounded including another section commander, and the need to guard the increasing numbers of the enemy surrendering depleted the troop still further. Corporal Ward pressed on relentlessly however, to inflict sufficient casualties for the remainder to abandon further resistance.
London Gazette 49134, page 12841.

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