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ALEXANDER, David Crichton

Major General David Crichton Alexander
3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Major General David Alexander was appointed C.B. (Military Division) on 12 June 1976 [1].
  • 1969–1970 (Lieutenant Colonel) Officer Commanding 40 Commando RM [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 46919, page 8016.
[2] + [Image] Globe and Laurel October 1970.

BARTON, Francis Christopher

40 Cdo. RM
Major Francis Barton received a Mention in Despatches in 1951 in recognition of gallant and distinguished services with 40 Commando RM in Malaya [1].
  • 31 December 1960 (Colonel) appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) [2].
  • 1 January 1964 (Brigadier) appointed C.B.E. (Military Division) [3].
  • 1 January 1966 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Division) [4].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 39361, page 5432.

BEVIS, Timothy John

Royal Marines
Lieutenant Timothy Bevis received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of distinguished service in Northern Ireland in 1986 [1].
  • 13 December 2015 (Brigadier) appointed C.B.E. (Military Division) [2].
  • 31 May 2016 promoted Major General [3].
  • 28 December 2019 appointed C.B. (Military Divisionj [4].
[1] London Gazette 50710, page 14517.
[2] London Gazette 61256, page B6. Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours List.
[3] London Gazette 61603, page 12653.

DAVIS, Edward Grant Martin

3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Brigadier Edward Davis, O.B.E., Commander 3 Commando Brigade RM [1][1A], was appointed C.B. E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Afghanistan during the period 1st April 2011 to 30th September 2011 [2].
  • 28 November 2011 promoted Major General [3].
  • 14 June 2014 appointed C.B. (Military Division) [4].
  • 1 July 2014 promoted Lieutenant General [5].

EPHRAUMS, Roderick Jarvis

Major General Roger Ephraums Royal Marines
3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Served with 42 Commando in Malaya in the 1950's and was later the Brigade Major, HQ 3 Commando Brigade RM in Sarawak. In 1969 he commanded 45 Commando RM *.
  • 1 January 1965 (Major) appointed O.B.E. [1].
  • 17 December 1972 promoted Brigadier [2]
  • 18 February 1974 (Brigadier) appointed an Aide-de-Camp to The Queen [3].
  • 11 June 1977 (Major General) appointed C.B. [4].
  • 7 April 1978 (Major General) to retired list [5].

GRANT, Ferris Nelson

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Major Ferris Grant, 41 Independent Commando RM, was awarded the Legion of Merit, Degree of Officer, decoration bestowed by the President of the United States of America, for gallant and distinguished services during operations in the Korean war [1].
  • January 1967 (Major General) appointed C.B. [2].
[1] London Gazette 40253 page 4684.
[2] London Gazette 44210, page 2.

HAYDON, Joseph Charles

Special Service Brigade
Second Lieutenant Joseph Charles Haydon was commissioned into the Irish Guards 21 December 1917 [1]On the 8th June 1939 now a Major, and Military Assistant to the Secretary of State for War, he was appointed O.B.E.

HOUGHTON, Robert Dyer

Robert Houghton 40 Commando
40RM Commando
Acting Major Robert Houghton, Second in Command of 40RM Commando, was awarded the Military Cross for bravery, endurance and inspiring devotion to duty whilst serving in Commando operations in the raid on Dieppe, 19th August, 1942, and later as prisoner of war in

KEELING, Andrew Myles

Royal Marines
Major General Andrew Myles Keeling C.B.E. was appointed C.B. on 11th June 1994 [1].
  • 13 October 1987(Lieutenant Colonel)(Local Colonel) appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of distinguished service in Northern Ireland [2].
  • 14 February 1992 (Brigadier) appointed C.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of service within the operations in Northern Iraq and Southern Turkey [3].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 53696, page 2.

LAYCOCK, Robert Edward

Major General Robert Edward Laycock
Special Service Brigade

Born 1907; educated at Eton College and Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; joined Royal Horse Guards, Mar 1927, 2nd Lt, 1927; Lt 1930; Capt 1934; married Angela Claire Louise (née Dudley Ward), 1935; instructor on anti-gas and air defence measures, School of Military Engineering, Chatham, Dec 1937; General Staff Officer, Grade 3 (passive air defence) in department of Chief of Imperial General Staff, Dec 1938; General Staff Officer, Grade 2, chemical warfare section, British Expeditionary Force Headquarters, France, 1939-1940; joined Combined Operations, 1940; Lt Col 1941; commanded Special

MAGOWAN, Robert Andrew

Brigadier Robert Magowan RM
3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Magowan was Commanding Officer UK Landing Force Command Support Group in 2007 [1].
  • 2012/2013 (Acting Brigadier) appointed C.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Afghanistan during the period 1 October 2012 to 31 March 2013 [2].
  • 9 June 2018 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Divsion) [3].
  • 31 December 2004 (Lieutenant Colonel) appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) [4].

MESSENGER, Gordon Kenneth

Royal Marines
General Gordon Kenneth Messenger, C.B. D.S.O. O.B.E., was appointed K.C.B. on 11 June 2016 [1].
  • 16 May 2016 promoted General and to be Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The QUEEN [2].
  • Appointed C.B. 13 June 2015 [3].
  • Bar to D.S.O. in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Afghanistan [4].

MILTON, Anthony Arthur

3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Milton was appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Northern Ireland during the period 1st April to 30th September 1994 [1].
  • 1996 (Brigadier) Commanding Officer 3 Commando Brigade RM [2].
  • 15 June 2002 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Division) [3].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 54028, page 6609.
[2] Globe and Laurel Jan/Feb 1996 edition.

MOULTON, James Louis

Lt. Col James Louis Moulton
48RM Commando
Royal Marines
Lieutenant Colonel James Louis Moulton, Commanding Officer 48RM Commando, was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy. [1] . 

PENNEFATHER, David Anthony Somerset

Royal Marines
Commandant General Royal Marines in 1996.
  • (Major) (HQ Commando Forces RM) received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of service during the operations in the South Atlantic [1].
  • (Lt. Colonel) Appointed O.B.E., (Military Division), in recognition of meritorious service in Northern Ireland [2].
  • (Major General) Appointed C.B. (Military Division), in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the former Republic of Yugoslavia during the period 1st June to 20th December 1995 [3].

PHILLIPS, Cecil Farndale

47RM Commando
3 Cdo. Bde. RM

Acting Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Farndale Phillips was the Commanding Officer of No. 47 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines, during operations at Normandy and Walcheren.  Post war he commanded  3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines during operations in Malaya. 
  • 1 September 1923 appointed Probationary 2nd Lieutenant RM [*].
  • 1 September 1935 promoted Captain [*].
  • 1 August 1943 - 3 January 1945 Commanding Officer 47RM Commando [*].

POUNDS, Edgar George Derek

Edgar George Derek Pounds
41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Edgar George Derek Pounds enlisted with the Royal Marines in 1940 and was awarded the King’s Badge as the outstanding recruit of 384 Squad. To date he is the only King’s Badgeman to have reached General rank [1].
  • 21 August 1942 (Lance Corporal) commissioned Second Lieutenant [1a].   
  • 1945 (Lieutenant) serving on the staff at the Commando Basic Training Centre [2][2a]. 

RICHES, Ian Hurry

43RM Commando
Acting Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hurry Riches, G.S.O.1 Special Service Group, was appointed Officer Commanding 43RM Commando in November 1944 [1][1a] .
10 July 1945 appointed Companion of the Distinguished Service Order outstanding courage, determination and devotion to duty in operations during the campaign in Italy [2].
1st January 1959 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Division) [3].
11 June 1960 (Major General)  appointed K.C.B. (Military Divsion) [4].

ROSE, John Gordon

Royal Marines
Major John Rose was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of distinguished service in Northern Ireland in 1992 [1].
  • 31 December 2008 (Major General) appointed C.B. (Military Division) [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 53086, page 17975.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 58929, page 2.

STURGES, Robert Grice

Robert Grice Sturges
Special Service Brigade
Major General Robert Grice Sturges, a veteran of WW1, commanded the Special Service Group from August 1943.
  • 5 July 1940 (Colonel) (Royal Marines) Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of his service as Commander of 'Force Sturges' to establish a base on Iceland [1].
  • 19 May 1942 (Acting Major General) (Royal Marines) appointed a Royal Marine Aide-de-Camp to The King [2].
  • December 1942 Joint Commander of  British Forces in Madagascar (121 Force)

TAILYOUR, Norman Hastings

45 Cdo. RM
Lieutenant General Norman Tailyour was knighted in June 1966.
  • 1945, 8 January, Commanding Officer 27RM Battalion [1].
  • 1945, D.S.O. for gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe with 27 RM Bn. [1, 2].
  • 1945, MiD in recognition of good services with the 21st Army group [3]
  • 1954 December, Commanding Officer 45 Commando RM [4].  
  • 1955, Bar to D.S.O. during operations in Cyprus with 45 Commando RM [4,5].

THOMAS, Jeremy Hywel

3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Brigadier Jeremy Thomas, HQ 3 Commando Brigade RM, was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Afghanistan during the period 1st October 2006 to 31st March 2007 

WILLASEY-WILSEY, Anthony Patrick

40 Cdo. RM
During WW2 Acting Captain Anthony Willasey-Wilsey served on ships before being posted to Commando service [1][1a][1b][1c] .
Service at Sea in WW2 
HMS Rodney (present at the Bismarck action)
HMS Howe
HMS Furious
RM Commando Service in WW2
January 1945 serving with the RM Holding Commando [1]
By April 1945 serving with 47RM Commando [1a].
August 1945 serving with 46RM Commando [1c].

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