POLWIN, Albert Buckley

Known as: 
Able Seaman
Unit / Base: 
'Royal Naval Beach Commandos'
Royal Navy
Friday, October 20, 1922
Died : 
Sunday, February 22, 1987
Served in R.N.B.C. 'V3'.
CVA Gallery images of RNBC 'V3'.
Image of 'V3' in RNBC Association newsletter 84 (1996).
[Image] Jake Jackson, great grandson.
Additional content: 


Written by his great grandson Jake Jackson "My great grandad was born on 20th October 1922 in Oldham, Lancashire and passed away on 22nd February 1987 after a brief battle with lung cancer. He joined the Royal Navy in 1939 after turning 17 and lied about his age as his mates had joined already, later at some stage he joined the Navy boxing team and fought in numerous bouts (possibly as a lightweight) and was also on the Navy’s diving team. He became a Royal Naval Beach Commando and served in the “Victor” unit and took part in Operation Dracula at Rangoon in May 1945. He served under the name Joe Polwin and was in the same unit as Leading Seaman Reginald C. Child (one of his best mates). Jake goes on to say "Prior to joining the Navy, my great grandad grew up in the Glodwick area of Oldham and attended Alexandra Road School. He excelled in sports such as football and was on the school football team. He was the youngest of six children and had a bad start in life, he developed diphtheria as a child which left him unable to walk but eventually excelled in sports such as running and competed in numerous amateur boxing contests (as I’ve previously mentioned) in and out of the Navy. Upon retiring from the RNBC, he received the Burma Star (which I have at home) and for the rest of his working life was a cable jointer for the electricity board. He had two daughters, Sheila (my grandma) and Janet with his beloved wife, Freda who passed prior to him. He loved the Navy and the Commandos and enjoyed the travelling aspect of it.

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