9 Commando

History of the Unit

Many original members of No.9 originated from No’s 6 & 7 independent companies coming together under the command of No.2 Special Service Battalion in the autumn of 1940.

C.O. was Lt Col John Maclean (Jack) Saegert, RE.

After the Commando reorganisation the unit was redesignated No.9 Commando and H.Q. was at Criccieth in North Wales.

The first operational raid by the Commando was on the nights of 22nd/23rd November 1941 Operation Sunstar on the French coast at Houlgate. A successful landing and evacuation was affected without loss.

After this raid Lt Col R Tod assumed command of the unit. 

In March 1942 a small contingent of Commandos from No.9 took part in the famous St.Nazaire raid in support of No 2 Commando.

No.9 Commando were then called on to reinforce the garrison in Gibraltar during the lead up to the Torch landings in North Africa .The unit remained in Gibraltar until March 1943 after which it returned to the UK for refitting. After being posted to the Mediterranean and arriving there in November 1943 No 9 were in action again on the islands of Tremiti and Pianosa.

Operation Partridge was next in December 1943 in the river Garigliano area. The Commando suffered heavy losses during the bitter fighting in the early months of 1944 at Monte Ornito and Anzio , before leaving the area mid March ’44 for Naples, and then onto Molfetta.  The next few months were spent rebuilding the Commando from replacements sent from the UK already Commando trained, and when there no more available, from volunteers from Regiments operating in North Africa and the Central Mediterranean . These then had to undergo their training from the Commando training group that had been formed in Italy.

Later operations by No 9 included 'Operation Darlington 11’ in May 1944, and Operation ‘Gradient’ in August 1944. This latter operation featured men on bicycles attacking a garrison. The garrison did not exist so a local telephone exchange was ransacked instead.

In the latter stages of the war No 9 operated in Greece and finally saw its last involvement at Commachio and Argenta in April 1945. The following year the Commando along with other Army Commando units was disbanded.

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9 Cdo. Roll of Honour

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them."

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The Fallen from No. 9 Commando
Pte. E.A. HUNT
Pte. J.L. KEIL

We will Remember them

and all ranks who served in the Commando and have since passed on in the passage of time, who are also remembered by their proud families and comrades.

9 Commando Nominal Roll

In 1946 the Army Council decided that the Army Commandos were to be disbanded and no provision was allowed or made for any depository or office which would have at least contained a complete Roster of Names of the men who served in the various units. 

For historical & research purposes, we have tried to compile the names of all No.9 Commando volunteers which were obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Lists of Casualties, the No 9 Commando War Diary, papers from the National Archives and further research by members of the CVA and various other resources. In preparing this list, we acknowledge that it is very likely there are omissions, Therefore, this is not a definitive list by any means, nor is it meant to be an official list, but it is the best we can do in an attempt to record all ranks by name who were part of No 9 Commando.  Research continues. 

The No 9 Commando Nominal Roll is listed below in surname order

No 9 Commando Nominal A - C

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted surnames for more information)

Adcock G Pte 1444290   Gordon Hldrs
Agnew H Pte 7013491   A & SH
Albone Victor Arthur C/Sgt 974087   R Artillery
Aldred Albert Lbdr 3529596   R Artillery
Allan Jack Lcpl 2880907   London Scottish
Allan Jock Bdr     R Artillery
Allaway M Pte 2047258   Sussex Regt
Allen J Pte 3313201   Highland Li
Allen M R H Capt 76441 MC Black Watch
Allen S Gnr      
Allwright Ian Donald Bruce Cpl(Major)      
Anderson John Pte 3716829   KORR
Andrews F Pte 4124984   S Staffs Regt
Armitage J W Sgt      
Arthur Hugh        
Ashworth G Pte      
Aspden J Lbdr 315995   R Artillery
Bacon Raymond William Gnr 1792188   R Artillery
Baker Edward Dvr T/10665750   Rasc
Balfour David Stewart Pte 2936087   A & Sh
Balfour William Campbell Cpl 28844648   Gordon Hldrs
Balls David Gavin Capt 99724   Highland Li
Balneaves Francis William Cpl      
Bamford   Sgt      
Banbury F Cpl 5678008   Royal West Kent
Banks John Pte 2884786   London Scottish
Banks Thomas H Sgt 3317455   Highland Li
Bannon James Pte 2758223   Black Watch
Barnett W Dvr 4696289   Rasc
Bartlett R Pte 6107435   Middlesex Regt
Barton Harold Sgt 3533801 MM Manchester Regt
Bassett-Wilson Paul Francis Capt 165718 MC Innisks
Bates P G T Lt     Rac
Bates W S Capt 53496 MiD R Signals
Batten J Pte      
Baxter   Cpl      
Beadell W Gnr 1517632   R Artillery
Beard A Spr 2194019   R Engineers
Beardmore Thomas RSM 5048331 MiD N Staffs Regt
Beaton W Pte 2822502   Seaforth Hldrs
Beech Reginald (Reggie) W Pte 4039374   KSLI
Belasco Dave Pte      
Bell Thomas Gnr      
Bennell W H Pte      
Bennett W H C Pte      
Bigwood G Dvr T/108066   RASC
Bilsborough Walter L/Sgt 327597   R Artillery
Birkbeck John Edward Hilbert Blake Capt P/266374   RACD
Bisset George Davidson Lt 94549 MiD R Engineers
Bissett George Dickie Pte 2883077   Gordon Hldrs
Black A John Sgt      
Blackhurst John Rfn 6920686   KRRC
Blackie James Gordon Pte 2880769   London Scottish
Blagdon George Graham Gnr     R Artillery
Blake W Pte      
Blyth C Gnr 6837862   R Artillery
Blyth D A Gnr     R Artillery
Bolton Peter H Major 295510 MBE Seaforth Hldrs
Bostock Thomas L/Cpl   MM  
Botting John A Pte 14409152   KOYLI
Bowley Henry Cfn     REME
Bradley John F Fus      
Braithwaite H Cpl 4613732   DWR
Braithwaite Harold Major      
Brand George Sgt 3061224   Royal Scots
Branton Kenneth P Lcpl 5257481   Worc Regt
Brawn Douglas A Pte      
Brennan F Pte 3386504   East Lancs Regt
Bridle J Dvr S/108262   RASC
Brierley H Sgt 3530324   Loyal Regt
Brindle J Dvr      
Brine-Petty F H Capt      
Britton S H L/Cpl 14200752   S Wales Borderers
Brown A Pte 1560796   Essex Regt
Brown Charles Gilbert Pte      
Brown D Pte 3190489   KOSB
Brown J Pte 4350290   East Yorks Regt
Brown J G S Cpl      
Brown Reid L/Cpl 7044540   R Irish Fusiliers
Brown W L/Cpl 2934354   Cameron Hldrs
Bryan Gerald Jackson Lt   MC  
Bryan Henry Joseph (PORKY) Sgt 3392351   East Lancs Regt
Buchanan George Sgt      
Buchanan-Allen Donald Roy Capt 155094   RASC
Burgess E Fus 3526047   Lancs Fusiliers
Burgess Lesley L/Cpl      
Burke J Gnr 3654080   R Artillery
Burns M Spr      
Burns V Gnr 911923   R Artillery
Burt William Charles L/Bdr      
Bush George Lawrence Sgt      
Bush P J Lt 321587   Somerset Li
Butler Howard Herbert Cosen Cpl      
Butler John Cpl 14531039   RAMC
Butterworth F Fus 1493956   Lancs Fusiliers
Calderwood Daniel Cpl      
Caldwell D Cpl 2823168   Seaforth Hldrs
Callif Lesley Stewart Major 138421 MC* Royal West Kent
Cameron Alasdair Pte      
Cameron Donald        
Cameron J Pte 2753952   Black Watch
Cameron Ralph Averne Cyril Capt 99223 MC Cameron Hldrs
Campbell George Lsgt 14359667   Buffs/Coldstream Gds
Campbell James Joseph Gnr     R Artillery
Campbell Kenneth Norman Capt      
Campbell T H Spr      
Campbell-Mclean W Pte      
Campion T H (WHAY) Lsgt 4978529   Sherwood Foresters
Cannon G Pte 1807062   Buffs
Capewell P Pte 1503203   Sherwood Foresters
Carey D S Bdr      
Carlyle D Pte 2752333   Black Watch
Carrie William Wilson Capt 98149   Seaforth Hldrs
Carten J Pte      
Carter A H Lt     R Signals
Cartwright R L/Cpl      
Cassidy J H Rqms 1555904   R Artillery
Cater Tony Capt      
Caudrey Douglas Pte 1795604   London Scottish
Chadwick M R L/Cpl      
Chambers Alexander Rfn 3250016   Cameronian
Chambers H Pte      
Chancellor Wilfred Douglas Bdr 2049911   R Artillery
Chapman R T Lt 262290   Cheshire Regt
Chesney W Rfn      
Chisholm Ian Mitchell Fus      
Chivers Harold (HARRY) Fus      
Chorlton Dudley Kenneth Pte 14724270   Durham L I
Clancy J Cpl 3055034   Royal Scots
Clark D Pte 14604362   A & Sh
Clark Francis William Major 50979   A & Sh
Clarke E Gnr 6460520   R Artillery
Clarke J Gnr      
Clay G Cpl 5348758   R Berkshire Regt
Clemens H Pte 11051319   Royal Fusiliers
Clifton J Gnr      
Climpson Ernest Pte 7365682   RAMC
Cloke S M Lt 273981   R Hampshire Regt
Cochrane Andrew Rae Capt 88299 MiD Cameronian
Cochrane W H Gnr      
Coles W Cpl 3910782   S Wales Borderers
Coles William James Cpl      
Collins A Gnr      
Colville J Pte      
Connelly P Pte 2992429   A & SH
Conway Leonard L/Sgt 6848656   Krrc
Cosgrove Stephen M Cpl      
Coupe L L/Sgt 894763   R Artillery
Cowell J Pte      
Cowie D        
Cowie E L Pte      
Coyne J Pte 2756595   Black Watch
Craig Albert John Csm 2873976   Gordon Hldrs
Cramer John L/Cpl   MM  
Cran H Pte 3064877   Royal Scots
Craven M C Lt     U D F
Crawford B M Pte 3062044   Royal Scots
Crawford Robert Ahan L/Cpl      
Crofts   Gnr 1469999   R Artillery
Crook A Pte      
Crowley William Fus      
Cruickshank Albert Lsgt      
Cullen Robert        
Cunningham J W Capt      
Curran R R Bdr      

No 9 Commando Nominal D - H

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted surnames for more information)

D'Arcy Edward John Capt 173842 MC Ramc
Dabb H E Lt 323544   Kings Regt
Dagg S V Cpl T/92529   Rasc
Daley E Pte 858262   London Scottish
Daniels Samuel L/Bdr 14322499 MM R Artillery
Davidson Alexander (ECK) Pte 2758315   Black Watch
Davidson John Fus      
Davies Michael Alfred William Capt   MC  
Day R Fus      
De Lapp   Capt     Ramc
Dean F Fus 3607581   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Deans James Cpl      
Delaney M Fus 3458791   Lancs Fusiliers
Delaney William Henry Lcpl 3860444   Border Regt
Dempster James Pte      
Dennie J Pte      
Dickinson James Sidney Sgt 3889716   East Lancs Regt
Dickie Robert Finn Pte 2988081   A & Sh
Dimalow Phillip Keith Lt 180304   Durham L I
Dixon Frank Ronald        
Dobb Ernest Lt      
Docker E Csm      
Dodd G Pte      
Donnelly James Pte 3196664   K O S B
Dons-Madsen Erik Lcpl 6299813   Buffs
Douglas Graham Pte 2985574   A & Sh
Downing J D Pte      
Drummond Alexander Gnr      
Drury G F Csm      
Duncan C J L/Cpl      
Duncan Ronald L/Cpl      
Dundas Duncan L/Sgt      
Dunlop A Pte      
Dunning-White J M Lt Col 13278   8 Hussars
Durkin J Pte 3059066   Royal Scots
Dwyer T Pte 3772173   Kings Own Royal Regt
Dyke A Rfn      
Eames William Pte      
Ebben D Pte 14736726   Somerset Li
Eden George Rfn 6850527   Krrc
Edger W Pte      
Edmonds William George Pte 6348327   R West Kent Regt
Elliot Duncan Pte S/10673657   Rasc
Ellis E Pte 5625296   Devonshire Regt
Espley Victor Clarence Pte 902005   N Staffs Regt
Evans E A Pte      
Evans J A G Bdr     R Artillery
Fairell E Pte 14516303   A & Sh
Farmer Henry Pte 4350517   East Yorks Regt
Farmer R Pte 1595357   Rwf
Farquhar J K Pte 2821551 MM Seaforth Hldrs
Feedam William Henry Pte 4038825   Ksl I
Felle T H Fus 14443639   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Fenner R Pte 14736391   Ox & Bucks L I
Fenwick E Pte 14801431   Gordon Hldrs
Ferguson Angus Macleod Capt 28736 CBE Black Watch
Ferrey Martin C Capt     Cameronian
Fetigans S Dvr      
Finlay David (PIPER) Cpl 2757157   Black Watch
Fisher A Pte      
Flear P H Capt 268232   R Signals
Forbes Ian M Rfn      
Forbes Robert L/Bdr 902786   R Artillery
Foreman D Pte 4546719   R Hampshire Regt
Fortune George Thomas Lcpl      
Foster Robert Lcpl      
Foster Roy        
Fountain M Pte 14736735   Somerset Li
Fowler W Lcpl 6913481   Royal Fusiliers
Frampton E Gnr 2857339   R Artillery
Fraser A Cpl 2822034   Seaforth Hldrs
Galbraith M Pte NS/8430   R Hampshire Regt
Gales H W L/Cpl      
Gallacher John Joseph Pte 2979485   A & Sh
Gardiner Frederick Cpl 6848697   Krrc
Gardner J L/Cpl 3535628   Manchester Regt
Garrington W T Gdsm      
Garvie J Lcpl 2822297   Seaforth Hldrs
Gaunt J Pte 6347320   R Berkshire Regt
Gellatly John Pte 3318356   A & Sh
Gibson James Lang Capt      
Gilbert J T Sgt      
Gill Albert John L/Bdr      
Gillespie C W Lt     Ramc
Gingell Harold (JACK)        
Ginn J W Lbdr 14382309   R Artillery
Glancy J Cpl 3055034   Royal Scots
Glen John Pte      
Glendinning Bernard M Cpl 3450580   Lancs Fusiliers
Goddard I P Pte      
Goldie Alexander Bdr 1476335   R Artillery
Goodwin J Lcpl 280379   Rasc
Gordon Edward Lsgt 2873670   Gordon Hldrs
Gorman G P Cpl      
Gorman J L/Sgt 3523913   Manchester Regt
Goss R Pte 2041718   London Scottish
Graham L Pte 14729560   Devonshire Regt
Grant J F Rsm      
Graves Derek Cpl      
Graves K L/Sgt 2880938   London Scottish
Gray Frederick Charles 'Freddie' Pte 14200811   Seaforth Hldrs
Gray L E Pte 5511428   Q R R
Greave J Pte 3065996   Royal Scots
Greenhill J Pte 14734939   Somerset Li
Greenshields Thomas Cameron Lt 90992   Cameronian
Grieve John Fletcher Pte 2933802   Cameronian
Griffin G Pte      
Griffin R Dvr      
Griffiths B Fus 3447600   Lancs Fusiliers
Griffiths F Tsm 5045886   N Staffs Regt
Grimwade C Pte      
Guthrie H F L/Cpl 3135796   R Scots Fusiliers
Guthrie John Sgt 2758175   Black Watch
Halliday A Pte 14566087   East Yorks Regt
Hamerton A Rfn 1817729   Krrc
Hankinson Walter Lsgt 4201450   Rwf
Hanley J D Gnr     R Artillery
Harris   Pte 1310728   R Artillery
Harvest R M Capt     Lincolnshire Regt
Harvey Wilfred (BARNEY) Capt      
Hatcher W Gnr      
Hawkins W G Pte 14736731   Somerset Li
Hay J Lbdr 1473774   R Artillery
Hayden S M Pte 5825818   Sussex Regt
Haydock Gerald Lsgt 354082   R Artillery
Hayes I M Fus 14701610   Lancs Fusiliers
Healey Wilfred Pte      
Heath G A Rfn 5623162   Krrc
Helen F Gnr 11002011   R Artillery
Henery John Pte      
Herbert H J Pte 5186472   Glos Regt
Hespin J Pte      
Hewitt E Spr      
Higgs E Gnr 2037266   R Artillery
Hilditch E Gnr 1552790   R Artillery
Hill Alex Pte 2889064   Gordon Hldrs
Hill Colin Clive Capt 219245   R Irish Fusiliers
Hill Victor Lionel Gnr 1433589   R Artillery
Hissett G B Lt 94548   R Engineers
Hoare J Pte 1460380   Gordon Hldrs
Hodkinson J Sgt 3446114 MM Lancs Fusiliers
Hodson R Pte      
Hogg J L/Cpl 3190005   K O S B
Holland J Pte 1801165   Krrc
Holmes A Pte 1799384   Yorks & Lancs Regt
Holmes Leslie Thomas Cpl 6897410   Krrc
Hood J Gdm 2665528   Coldstream Gds
Hooper S Pte      
Hopkins Leslie W L/Sgt 6213259 DCM Middlesex Regt
Horrocks R Pte 3535715   Manchester Regt
Horn Francis Henry Cpl      
Horton A J Pte      
Hudson S K Cpl 5550149   Hampshire Regt
Hughes F Cpl 3310694   Highland Li
Hughes George William Stanley Sgt 7360074 MM Ramc
Hughes G Lsgt 2003542   R Engineers
Hughes Joseph Wilfred Lsgt      
Hunt Ernest Arthur Pte 6213166   Middlesex Regt
Hunt G Cpl 4584646   Koyl I
Hunter H Pte 3535764   Manchester Regt
Hunter Harry Cpl 3130410   R Scots Fusiliers
Hunter Robert Pte 2756942   Black Watch
Hurren L Rfn      
Hyslop Sam K L/Cpl      

No 9 Commando Nominal I - O

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted surnames for more information)

Innes G Pte 2755031   Black Watch
Ironside W Pte 2991756   A & SH
Irwin Lucas T Gnr     R Artillery
Isaacson R Pte      
Ison George Fus      
Ives Leonard Rfn 878121   London Irish
Jackson H C Sgt 4919445 MM S Staffs Regt
Jackson J Lcpl 14386124   Kings Own Royal Regt
Jameson Robert Evan L/Sgt      
Jarrett W Gnr      
Jewell P R Csm 790299   R Artillery
Jewitt Cressey (JOCK) Sgt      
John F Pte      
Johnston Guthie Pte      
Johnstone Andrew T W Cpl 3716829   Kings Own Royal Regt
Johnstone E Pte 2756972   Black Watch
Johnstone Geoffrey Cpl      
Johnstone George William (GEORDIE) Pte      
Johnstone Robert Pte 3189032   K O S B
Jones H Spr 2033557   R Engineers
Jones J B Pte 3535712   Manchester Regt
Jones W Pte 2064853   London Scottish
Jones William Henry C Pte      
Joplin Reginald George Nk      
Kane Cobber        
Kane Dennis Pte 14286826   K S L I
Kane N J Sgt      
Kay R Dvr      
Keane W F Sgt      
Keating Thomas Cameron Pte 3133680   Black Watch
Keefe J W Pte      
Keil John Leslie Pte 2939369   Cameron Hldrs
Kelly Brian M Sgt 6482224   Royal Fusiliers
Kelso James (BUNNY) Fus      
Kennedy Matthew Durreen (MATT) Major 52189   A & SH
Kennedy Thomas Cameron Pte      
Kennoway George Cray Pte 2939370   Cameronian
Kenny P G Pte      
Kerr D I Pte 2985681   A & SH
Kerry H E Gnr      
Killoran P Spr      
Kilpatrick Charles Pte      
Kindley P H Pte 6299896   Buffs
King Andrew Lcpl      
King Robert L/Cpl 7357784 MM Ramc
Kinghorn David Cpl 3191690   K O S B
Kingsbury Harold Sidney Sgt 3186138 MM Border Regt
Kirkby A Pte 1473731   Somerset Li
Kirkby E Dvr      
Kirwan J Fus 14447475   R Irish Fusiliers
Kither Harry Thomas Capt 96760 MC R Artillery
Knight W Pte 6026253   East Surrey Regt
Knights W Pte 837334   Lancs Fusiliers
Knox Alexander Lcpl      
Kurth R Pte 2933006   Cameron Hldrs
Laing James Piper      
Laird Albert Pte 2756972   Black Watch
Laming F A Pte 897518   Gordon Hldrs
Lamont D I Pte      
Lancaster A L Lcpl 5773335   Norfolk Regt
Lancaster D Fus 3851627   Lancs Fusiliers
Lancaster E Pte 4123431   Cheshire Regt
Lancaster Herbert Sgt      
Lane Peter John Fus 864477   Royal Fusiliers
Large K Cpl 4470275   K O Y L I
Lawes Ernest Arthur        
Lawrence A Pte      
Lawrence A E F Cpl      
Lawson F Pte 14583024   Krrc
Lawson J G Sgt      
Lawson S Pte 1517619   London Scottish
Lawson S Pte 1799652   Gordon Hldrs
Leech J Pte 3350754   Border Regt
Leith G B Gnr      
Lendhill D Pte 14623162   Dwr
Lewis Raymond William Pte 5732424   Worc Regt
Lewis W Pte 1473673   Somerset Li
Liddle J Pte 3322832   Black Watch
Lidster W Pte 4748135   Lancs Fusiliers
Lindsay J L Major      
Lingard D N Gnr      
Linge C A Pte      
Lloyd A E Pte      
Lody Anthony L/Cpl      
Lofthouse Francis George Cpl      
Long Donald Bayley Lt   MC  
Long M Capt 97967 MC A & Sh
Lorimer William Nk      
Love Herbert C (BERT) Pte      
Lowe K Lcpl   MiD  
Loxton H Pte 1704733   Essex Regt
Lucas Harry Hillgrove Capt     R Berkshire Regt
Lynch W Pte 4922528   Pioneer Corp
Maccormack John James Lsgt      
Macdonnell J Pte 14437475   East Surrey Regt
Macinnes Neil Rsm      
Mackay Alexander Bowie        
Mackenzie Alex Pte      
Mackenzie George Potts Cpl      
Mackenzie John        
Mackenzie Ian Robert Cpl     QOCH
Mackenzie Simon J Sgt      
Maclean J Sgt 7516695   RAMC
Macleod Munro Pte      
Magee P Pte 2933752   Cameronian
Mailing D Pte 14447518   Hampshire Regt
Male Leslie P Pte      
Manage/Menage Ernest Frank Sgt      
Mann R Csm 2986799 MiD A & SH
Marsden T Lt 68171   Loyal Regt
Marshall W Pte 3310326   Gordon Hldrs
Martin J Cpl 4200396   RWF
Mason W Pte      
Massey J Fus      
Matthews E Gnr 5192734   R Artillery
Matthews Leslie James Pte 3391673   Border Regt
Maughan J R Rev     RACD
Maughan Robert Mcpherson Rfn 1485103   London Rifle Brigade
Maxwell P Pte      
McAllister Charles Joseph Cpl 3600264   Border Regt
McAllister R Pte 2987006   A & SH
McAllister William Gnr 842944   R Artillery
McAulay Duncan Cpl 3324765   Highland Li
Mcaulay Finlay Campbell Pte 2986407   A & SH
McCall J Rfn      
McCann Bernard James Pte 3708880   RAC
McCartney Alan Fus 3135409   R Scots Fusiliers
McVlearie J Cpl 2932647   Cameron Hldrs
McCormick J L/Sgt 7018621   R Ulster Rifles
McCreath A Pte 2985458   A & SH
McDermott J Cpl 2991503   A & SH
McDonald D L/Sgt 3317322   Highland Li
McDonald J Pte 2022699   Seaforth Hldrs
McDonald J Cpl 3604728   Border Regt
Mcdonald Robert Pte 2821492   Seaforth Hldrs
McDougall-Porter C F Capt 112898   Cameronian
McDouhagh   Pte 14733239   Somerset Li
MEewan W Pte 2990926   A & SH
McFadyen J Pte      
McGeoch H Pte 14748596   R Scots Fusiliers
McGill G L/Cpl 3323587   Highland Li
McGowan R Pte 14543790   K O S B
McGrath J Pte      
MIiver E M Capt 273196   R Artillery
McKenzie A Pte 2951573   A & SH
McKenzie A S Csm 2822652   Seaforth Hldrs
McKinlay Peter        
McKinnon Alexander Edward L/Sgt 3132746   R Scots Fusiliers
McKinnon Donald Sgt 2927748   Cameron Hldrs
McKinnon Donald Roy Sgt      
McLachlan G L/Cpl 7611488   REME
McLean J Lcpl 2002719   R Engineers
McLean J Sgt 7516695   RAMC
McLennan Ronald Leslie Lcpl 2032675   RWF
McLeod M Pte 2822845   Seaforth Hldrs
McLeod Norman Cpl      
McMiles John Csm 3910393   SWB
McMinnis Ernest Cpl 325546   R Artillery
McNeil J Capt      
McNeil R J Csm 3189537   K O S B
McPherson G Mcg F L/Sgt 2761028 MM Black Watch
McWilliams W Lcpl 3308864   Highland Li
Meadows Alexander Pte      
Meakin Frank Gnr     R Artillery
Meehan Rowland Thomas (BOBBY) Lsgt 4922144   S Staffs Regt
Mesmer Roy Alfred Pte 5783885   Norfolk Regt
Metcalfe Harry Sgt      
Middleton Peter Gnr 881646   R Artillery
Miller M J (DUSTY) Csm 4911007   S Staffs Regt
Milligan John Pte      
Mills V H George Major 51999   Essex Regt
Mitchell A Ssgt 7586369   REME
Mitchell J Pte 2756938   Black Watch
Mitchell James Lsgt 6348465   R West Kent Regt
Mitchell R W Pte      
Moir Bertram Wigton Fus 3127401   R Scots Fusiliers
Moir J Pte 2884011   Border Regt
Moloney   Pte 28833960    
Monk Barry Richard Pte 6213656   MX
Moore Edward William Cpl 2880907   Gordon Hldrs
Moore William White Pte 14435092   R Inniskilling Fusiliers
Morris Howell Charles Lt      
Morrison Andrew Wright Pte 2885380   London Scottish
Morton J H Pte 6296553   Buffs
Muir Jock Rfn 14554594   Cameronian
Munro Alexander Cpl 1130311   R Artillery
Munro Andrew C Lbdr 883783   R Artillery
Munro George Buchanan Sgt 2933733   Cameron Hldrs
Murray Joseph Elliot Pte 3190120   K O S B
Nation L P Fus      
Needleman Harry Rfn      
Neil G Pte 3328809   Highland Li
Neilson Gilbert Reid Pte      
Neilson V Capt      
Newson J Pte 6349065   MX
Nimock J Gnr 979196   R Artillery
Nisbet   Sgt      
Nixon A        
Nixon Joe G Pte 2886863   Gordon Hldrs
Norman L F Gnr 14498752   R Artillery
Northover Wilfred Lcpl 3448353   Lancs Fusiliers
Nothard Ralph Cfn     Reme
Nottingham R Pte 10534436   Reme
Nouch W Pte 1817740   Lincolnshire Regt
O'Brien J Gnr 3450992   R Artillery
O'Neill J H Pte      
O'Rourke P Lcpl 2884611   Gordon Hldrs
Oakley Arthur James Pte      
Ogston Frank Lcpl      
Oliver J S Pte 2976074   A & SH
Oram Frank Gnr 1432670   R Artillery
Owen K Pte 14736770   Somerset Li

No 9 Commando Nominal P - Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 9 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted surnames for more information)

Paccitti E Gnr     R Artillery
Packham C T Pte 1833540   London Scottish
Page Frederick Pte 3857192   Loyal Regt
Parker F Pte 11411624   Suffolk Regt
Parker   Lt      
Parkin Ivor George Gnr      
Parry William Gnr     R Artillery
Parson Eric Pte      
Paterson A        
Paterson S Gnr 3246569   R Artillery
Paterson T Pte 2573711   London Scottish
Patrick George L/Cpl 4977733   Sherwood Foresters
Patrick George        
Patrick H Pte 3314888   Recce Corp
Pawley J Sgt      
Payne G Pte 4039105   KSLI
Payne Len Cpl      
Pearch Graham E Lt 153577   R Artillery
Peel Derek W D Lt 277050   R Artillery
Pendlebury R Pte 14731486   Wiltshire Regt
Penny W Pte 3595735   Border Regt
Perry P Pte 14422729   Cheshire Regt
Perry   Dvr T/190634   RASC
Peters W Pte 14439899   Cameron Hldrs
Phee W Pte      
Piggott J Pte 14522775   KRRC
Pond Leo S Lcpl 6298504   Buffs
Port J G Pte 2991563   A & SH
Porter Anthony H Lcpl      
Porter Henry William L/Sgt 6215331   Middlesex Regt
Postles George Pte      
Powell George Edward Gnr 1140908   R Artillery
Power Thomas Dvr      
Prescott Frank        
Prestage Robert William Gnr 6217232   R Artillery
Prime Arthur        
Pringle Charles Taylor L/Cpl 4914347   Worc Regt
Prior G Pte 4041897   Herefordshire Regt
Pritchard J Pte      
Pullen Harry A Pte 14612025   Sussex Regt
Purdy L Pte 2880865   London Scottish
Quarrie John L (JACK) Rsm   BEM  
Quigley Thomas L/Cpl 4388422   RAMC
Quinton E A Lcpl      
Ramsey Norman (RAM) Gnr     R Artillery
Ramshaw Geordie Pte      
Rankin T Pte 2937988   Cameron Hldrs
Ray F G Pte      
Reace G Csm 2881169 DCM London Scottish
Redman F Pte 5345368   R Berkshire Regt
Reed Thomas Lsgt 2992385   A & SH
Reeves Frederick Charles Gnr 1653241   R Artillery
Reid Adam (ANGUS) Cpl 3059487 MiD Royal Scots
Reid H A Capt     R Artillery
Reid J Gnr 1477728   R Artillery
Renton J Lcpl 3323640   Black Watch
Reynolds R A W Pte      
Richards David Sgt 2094564 MiD R Engineers
Richards R Pte 6104565   Q R R
Richardson John Sgt 3603243 MiD Border Regt
Riddal Douglas Gnr 2838408   R Artillery
Roach Thomas Gnr     R Artillery
Robb W P Csm 3189966   KOSB
Roberts F Lcpl 2929908   Cameron Hldrs
Roberts John Samuel Cpl 3602054   Border Regt
Robinson G A Capt 188998   Buffs
Robson Paul R Rfn      
Robson S L/Cpl 7265390   RAMC
Rolfe Julian Dudley Pte 14416231   Highland Regt
Rose Edward T (TED) Fus      
Ross L V L/Cpl      
Ross Robert Sharp Pte 2928902   Cameron Hldrs
Russell Alfred Cecil (RUSS) Tsm      
Ryan   Pte 4077120   SWB Mons Regt
Sadler Frederick Lewis (BADGIE) Gnr      
Saegert John Mcclean Lt Col     R Engineers
Saxon A Pte      
Scott A Pte   MM  
Scott Andrew Stewart Pte 2938003 MM Cameron Hldrs
Scott D Dvr      
Scott Michael Lt 117892   Black Watch
Scott R Pte 6216827   Kensington Regt
Scott Sidney H (SCOTTIE) Dvr      
Searle Clifford F L/Sgt 14241831 DCM RAC
Searles A Sgt 4039629   KSLI
Seddon S Gnr 1807356   R Artillery
Shanks David Lcpl      
Sharp J O Rfn 6221474   R Berkshire Regt
Sharp N A Lt      
Sharp R Gnr 8666000   R Artillery
Shaw A Pte 1779893   DWR
Shaw Ashley George Dvr T/106298 DCM, MM RASC
Shelton Mark J Fus      
Shenton Joseph Pte      
Sherwin Robert Deary Pte      
Sherwood D Pte 5124652   Buffs
Shipton H Bert Cpl 2041795   R Engineers
Shreiber Herbert       French Foreign Legion
Shurey L Pte 1806272   N Staffs Regt
Sigsworth Stanley Pte 14241696   Cameronian
Simcock Sidney Pte 3536256   Manchester Regt
Simms R J Pte 14750013   Glos Regt
Simpson Alexander Sgt 2882335   Gordon Hldrs
Simpson D Pte 14410044   Sherwood Foresters
Simpson J Pte 2820756   Seaforth Hldrs
Simpson John Mccain Pte      
Simpson T Pte 3319965   Highland Li
Skeels B Rfn 7021181   Liverpool Irish
Slater G E Capt     Border Regt
Sleith T H (TOMMY, Paddy) Dvr T/106521   RASC
Smart Albert Kenneth Cpl 14241644   Leicestershire Regt
Smethurst Norman G Pte      
Smith A Tpr 14241776   RAC
Smith A Sgt 3775834   The Kings Regt
Smith Albert Gordon Sgt      
Smith C Pte 11411039   Gordon Hldrs
Smith D Pte 2828814   Seaforth Hldrs
Smith Edward (SMUDGER) Lcpl 6711580   Black Watch
Smith F Gnr 857819   R Artillery
Smith Frederick George        
Smith George Alfred Pte 14241717   Black Watch
Smith J Lcpl 14605209 GC A & SH
Smith James A Rfn 6847101   KRRC
Smith P Gnr 4927322   R Artillery
Smith Patrick Cpl      
Smith Peter Lsgt 3248156   Cameronian
Smith R Pte 5185614   Surrey Regt
Smith S Pte S/113555   RASC
Smith William Edward Bdr     R Artillery
Sneal K Pte 14415556   R Berkshire Regt
Snell Arthur Sgt      
Sober Jerry Nk      
Somerville Robert (SLIM) Bdr 1132655   R Artillery
Sparrow L Pte 6344059   R West Kent Regt
Spittle   Lt      
Sprague   Capt      
Sproule Noble Goulding        
Squires William Philip Cpl      
Stack William Pte 14241832   RAC
Stanier E Pte 4039477   KSLI
Stansfield Stewart Sgt 14241698   R Artillery
Starling A Michael P Cpl      
Starling Horace Edward Lt      
Steel S L/Cpl 7606706   RWF
Stephens A Spence Pte 7665614   R Hampshire Regt
Stephens S Lsgt 5336665   R Berkshire Regt
Stephenson Matthew J (MATTIE) Gnr 2085722   R Artillery
Sterling Albert Rfn      
Stewart D Gnr 11403498   R Artillery
Stewart G Rfn 3247677   Cameron Hldrs
Stirling Albert Rfn     R Ulster Rifles
Stirling Robert Kirkwood Csm      
Stockton Brice Pte      
Storer S Cpl 14241808   Leicestershire Regt
Storey Percy Ronald L/Cpl      
Straughan Joseph Malcolm Sgt 2876101 MM, MiD Gordon Hldrs
Stuart John Pte 2825409   Seaforth Hldrs
Summers H Gnr 1640409   R Artillery
Suter Cyril Capt      
Suttie J S Pte      
Sutton John Robert Pte 2181475   Kings Own Royal Regt
Sutton K Lcpl 14366254   East Yorks Regt
Swindell William Bill Cpl      
Swinson S Pte 4038517   KSLI
Szarkow Justin Fus 4204610   RWF
Tait John L/Cpl 4469403   Durham L I
Tanner John Andrew Cpl 14241755   MX
Taverner Eric Lsgt 1616722   R Artillery
Taylor R Gnr 2991335   R Artillery
Teasdale Alexander L/Cpl 2886390   Gordon Hldrs
Teasdale J Dvr T/247173   RASC
Telfor Edward Pte 3190329   K O S B
Templeton W B Capt 91824 MiD Cameron Hldrs
Thom J M Sgt 2820388   Seaforth Hldrs
Thomas A Pte 3971770   Gordon Hldrs
Thomas John Stuart Cfn 14368592   REME
Thomas Leslie Sgt      
Thomas R Pte 1771175   Welch Regt
Thomas   Pte 2986417   A & SH
Thompson A Rfn 6970370   Rifle Bde
Thompson H Pte 4123741   Cheshire Regt
Thompson J L/Sgt 3190591 DCM K O S B
Thompson W Lbdr 877450   R Artillery
Thomson Donald Pte      
Thorn John M Sgt      
Thurgar Francis Vivian Patrick Pte 7013391   Beds & Herts
Tickell A Pte 2880843   London Scottish
Titchmarsh F Pte 2930666   London Scottish
Tod Ronald John Frederick Brig 32187   AS&H
Todd J Gnr     R Artillery
Toft George L/Cpl 33194973   K O S B
Tombleson Raymond J Pte 5782682   Norfolk Regt
Tremayne D Gnr      
Treptow Ronald Leslie Pte 277696   RASC
Trigg Eric Albert Lsgt 14241836   Grenadier Gds
Trusler Kenneth Frank Pte      
Tudor W Pte      
Tulloch Andy Pte 2760016   Black Watch
Turner Henry Gnr 1476334   R Artillery
Underwood T Fus 1518562   Lancs Fusiliers
Urquhart G Pte 2757847   Black Watch
Urquhart Robert Rose Pte      
Venables N D C Lcpl 3606906   Border Regt
Venter H Sgt 41109V   UDF
Vodden John Rfn 6969151   London Rifle Brigade
Wade Leonard Alfred L/Sgt 2881130   London Scottish
Wade Lou Gnr 6088241   R Artillery
Wakeham C Cpl 2958126   Cameron Hldrs
Walker Henry John Cpl      
Walker J Lcpl T/65291   RASC
Walker Richard (DICKIE) Major 245107   R Artillery
Waller H Gnr 14558923   R Artillery
Wallis L Pte      
Walsh E Pte 14756703   Wiltshire Regt
Walsh Frank Csm 2986730 MM A & SH
Walsh R Pte      
Walsham A Cpl 2002610   R Engineers
Ward David Pte 14422339   Seaforth Hldrs
Warde S Pte 3536278   Manchester Regt
Warden D G Pte 14411375   R Hampshire Regt
Wardle S Pte      
Wares M J Pte 2822571   Seaforth Hldrs
Warren L T G Dvr T/6139709   RASC
Warren W H        
Warwicker Wally Pte 5180327   Glos Regt
Watkinson Thomas Cpl 3911661   S Wales Borderers
Watson Alexander Pte      
Watson C E Pte      
Watts Albert Dvr T/269038   RASC
Waugh William L/Sgt 2991737 MM A & SH
Webb J Pte 6148691   East Surrey Regt
Webber Raymond C Pte      
Wenner Michael Capt 160947 MiD AAC
Westly Eric Roy Capt   MC R Artillery
Westwick Stanley Cpl      
Westwood   Rfn 6898157   KRRC
Wham James Howie Sgt 3065655 MM Royal Scots
Wheeler G R Lt 271249   Glos Regt
Whipps Les Pte 5117631   S Staffs Regt
White A Rfn 6215601   KRRC
White Alan Mckaig L/Cpl      
White D Gnr 4691433   R Artillery
White J Pte 1612637   Gordon Hldrs
White J Pte 1782805   N Staffs Regt
White M Pte 2992407   A & SH
White R F Lt 337997   KOSB
Whitefield G Lsgt      
Whitefield James LCpl 3249581    
Whitehead Albert Pte 3602156   Border Regt
Whitehead C Pte      
Whitehead P A Pte      
Whitford G Gnr      
Whitford George Gnr     R Artillery
Whittingham G H Rfn      
Whitworth William Pte      
Wickenden J Lbdr     R Artillery
Wigens Claude Gnr 1521579   R Artillery
Wilcox C Gnr 1518677   R Artillery
Wilcox J Bdr 853977   R Artillery
Wildgoose William Eric Pte 4132967   Cheshire Regt
Wilkes Geoff Pte      
Wilkins George Rowland Sgt 2881259 MM London Scottish
Willbye   Pte 11420784   London Scottish
Williams Francis Arthur 'FRANK' Lsgt 14241758   RAC
Williams H Gnr 14266279   R Artillery
Williamson J Cpl 3133157   R Scots Fusiliers
Wills Eric Gnr     R Artillery
Wilson Alex        
Wilson Alistair D Lt   MiD  
Wilson George (TUG) Sgt 2979257   A & SH
Wilson George LSgt 2983410   A&SH
Wilson Reginald Pte      
Wilson William Cpl 3190287   K O S B
Winfield William Cpl 6470649   RAC
Wood C Gdm 2614618   Grenadier Gds
Woodcock J Pte 3606977   Border Regt
Woodham William Pte      
Woods A (TIMBER) Pte 14208410   Buffs
Woodwarde E Sgt      
Worsley J Lcpl 4196653   RWF
Wright E Pte 14648932   Green Howards
Wright George Alexander Cpl 3325200   A & SH
Wright S A Cpl      
Wrigley F Pte 5783509   Norfolk Regt
Wyatt Albert Wo 2      
Wybar George Lcpl 2885417   London Scottish
Young Charles Pte 3323693   Highland Li
Young J Pte 1573429   London Scottish
Young Ronald Pte S/124347   RASC
Young Stuart Pte 2992521   A & SH

9 Commando, Overseas


                         Author: John Batten No 9 Commando

                               (Original document  John Mewett . Transcribed by Jennie Barlow)

Once More Overseas

On the 11th of September 1943 No. 9 Commando, strength 27 officers and 427 ORs under the command of Lt-Col R.J.F. TOD, set sail from Liverpool, England to join No. 2 S.S. Bde in Italy. The Commando sailed in H.M.T. "Athlone Castle", the ship which had carried it back to U.K. from Gibraltar less than six months previously.  The ship's company gave the Commando a very fine welcome, and many old friends met again.  The ship was very crowded and little training was possible during the voyage.  The Commando was made responsible for the complete provost duties on board, and those duties kept it well employed.  The ship was dry but previous staff had considerably moistened matters.  The voyage was uneventful and the Commando disembarked safely at Algiers, N. Africa on the 27th of September.

The two main reasons why the Commando did not go direct to Italy were (a) the unsettled L of C in newly invaded Italy and (b) to allow the Commando to become acclimatised to hot climates.  The need for it was borne out by the numbers admitted to hospital suffering from dysentery.


The Commando were stationed in 'P' Reception Camp, 15 miles S.E. of Algiers. There it underwent the transformation from battle-dress to khaki drill, the intricacies of puttees, the correct measurements of shirt sleeves, hose tops, etc; the unveiling of knees, the battle with insects, the extra discipline required for the unit's health and hygiene. The yellow peril did not materialise, mepacrine did not affect the complexion, but had alarming effects on the bowels until it was warned how best to take it. By the time the unit had to move forward to Italy it was fully acclimatised for tropical countries.

The three weeks in Africa were use in mountain training, physical work and night training. Also the Commando was called on to provide personnel for P.W. escorts, dock fatigues, ammunition dump fatigues and guards for the B.O.D.  Everyone had given up hope of seeing Italy when the Commando eventually received its movement orders. The journey from Algiers to Bizerta was a new experience for the Commando, and a three and a half days train journey in horseboxes. Leaving Algiers on the 23rd of October, Bizerta was reached on the 26th. At Bizerta the Commando was accommodated in the Texas Transit Camp. Why it was called Texas was never discovered unless because of the oily sea of mud on which the camp floated. On the 30th of October the Commando embarked LCIs and sailed next day. The voyage was uneventful except for a few hours stay at St. Augusta, Sicily, where the Commando loosened cramped muscles with games and P.T. followed by baths.

Italy - At Last

The mainland of Italy finally came in sight and the Commando disembarked at Taranto on the 6th of November. Another train journey took the unit to Molfetta, 15 miles north of Bari on the Adriatic coast of Italy where it came under the command of No 2 S.S. Bde, comd. Brig T.B.L. CHURCHILL MC. Billets were found in a large school in the centre of the town. The Commando had only been in Molfetta three hours when the Germans welcomed it to Italy by dropping a bomb on the town which blew out all the windows in the billets. A week in Italy and the Commando was back into B.D. It was not mosquito cream that was required here but frostbites lotion.

It was intended to introduce the Commando to the battle at first by troop raids. Meanwhile, the unit settled down to training. The country with a 40 miles radius round Molfetta was one massive olive grove, which prohibited any kind of advanced training. Initially the unit concentrated on individual training consisting of officers TEWTs, NCOs cadres, range work and WT cadres.

The first troop operation was carried our by No. 2 Troop under the command of Capt. J. McNEIL. The task was to reconnoitre the islands of Tremiti and Piansoa 48 miles east of Termoli. The force embarked on a LCI(L) and an Italian M.T.B. at Termoli on the 15th of November. The islands were unoccupied and after searching them, the force returned to Italy.

A suitable area for troop training was found at Minervino, 56 miles from Molfetta, and it was intended that each troop in turn would undergo ten days intensive training there, commencing with 4 Tp. It so happened that it was the only troop to complete this training as, on the 1st Dec. the Commando was moved from Molfetta to Bacoli, 21 miles North of Naples on the coast. The reason for this move was that the weather in the Adriatic was now considered unsuitable for small landing craft. A two day train journey in horseboxes took us across Italy. At Bacoli the troops were billeted in a Castle, a part of which was an orphanage. HQ was in a building on the beach which on a calm day was licked gently by the sea, but in a storm its lower floor was awash. In fact, the Orderly Room was washed away one day.

Into Battle

The Commando's long period of operational inactivity was now to come to a close, and in no mean manner. In the previous three years almost every operation planned for the Commando had been cancelled, in the next three months almost every one planned took place. The 5th Army's left flank had now reached the River Garigliano where it was held up by strongly entrenched enemy in the mountains North of the river and farther East at Cassino. These mountains completely dominated the Southern bank of the river to a depth of three miles. 10 Corps was on this left flank and as the Commandos now came under its command, it was decided that 9 Commando would carry out an amphibious raid on the North side of the Garigliano. The operation was called "Partridge".

The next weeks were spent in training for this operation. An area roughly similar to the ground on which we were to operate was found. Landing craft were made available for training and a full-scale rehearsal was carried out from the LSIs "Princess Beatrix" and "Royal Ulsterman". On almost every night some kind of night training was carried out. All Christmas festivities had to be postponed. On Christmas Eve the Signal Officer gained fresh popularity by holding a signal exercise, which necessitated troops HQs being represented. The skies poured down and most troop HQs had to wade along paths one foot deep in mud and water. 5TP HQ, on sheltering in a tent of an American Camp in an endeavour to regain communications , found itself in the middle of a Christmas party.  It was thus technically established that vino does not cause as much absorption as aqua. On Christmas Day the A.O., on returning from a visit to the 3rd Pn Rangers, U.S. Army Commandos, turned right, instead of left, into HQ and walked straight into the sea. The sea for the past week had been covered with a thick coat of oil. The guard managed to pull him out. It can be said he was well and truly oiled. The day before Op "Partridge" the M.O. received a Christmas present, a book "Death Tomorrow"!

The main hazard of the operation was the return across the Garigliano, a fast running river, a hundred yards wide. The CO's request for DUKWs was granted and training in these was carried out.

On the 29th Dec. operation "Partridge" took place. It started very badly, as the Navy landed the Commando 95 mins too late and 1000x away from the correct beach. Thus daylight found the Commando still on the enemy side of the river.  At the mouth of the river the main body of the unit returned by DUKWs, but 4 and 6 Tps had to cross the river 2700 yards up from the mouth by swimming and use of ropes. This they successfully achieved, bringing back their casualties. The bagpipes were very effectively used on this operation. When HQ had established itself at the mouth of the river most of the personnel made no attempt to dig themselves in. After one Jerry stonk, the C.O. says they dug so fast, he literally saw them sink into the ground.

After this successful operation, the Commando celebrated Christmas on New Year's Day.  On the 3rd of Jan 5 Tp carried out a patrol to the mouth of the Garigliano.

The first half of January was spent in preparation and training for future operations. Several operations were proposed by 5th Army, then scrapped. These included an attack from the sea on the German bastion at Gaeta, guerrilla warfare in the hills North of Rome, and the capture of Rome by 2 S.S. Bde alone.  All these different plans required the unit to change its type of training for each different role. One day a man trained carrying loads of 68 lbs, next day he was in light assault order. Finally it was decided that the Commando would take part in Operation "Shingle", the landings at Anzio. On the 20th Jan the landings were made, meeting very slight opposition. The Commando had never carried more ammunition and fired less. On the 25th Jan when the Commando was withdrawn from the beach-head and returned to Bacoli, it was wondered why the Commando should have been with withdrawn so early, the reason was soon known. On the 30th Jan the unit moved off on Operation "Ornito".

Operation "Ornito" took the Commando into the mountains North of the Garigliano over tracks, which even mules shunned to tread. The force was made up by 9 and 43 Commandos. Any propaganda the enemy were short of ammunition was quickly dispelled by the Commandos during this operation. Never had so much been dropped on so few. Although the final objective was considered untenable, Mt Ornito was secured and the Field Army were unable to make any further advances from there for three months.

The Commando returned to Bacoli. Up to date the unit had suffered 150 casualties, the C.O. was wounded, the 2i/c missing and Adjt, Capt. M.R.H. ALLEN, assumed temporary command of the Commando. It was impossible to maintain five rifle troops and the unit was reorganised into three squadrons. The C.O. returned from hospital and went to Bari to arrange the transfer of the Commando to the Adriatic for operations on the Dalmation coast of Jugoslavia. It was felt that an operation using the whole Commando was out of the question until reinforcements arrived. This complacency was rudely shattered by a cryptic signal on the night of Feb 27th from 5th Army HQ; warning the Commando to be prepared to embark for Anzio on Mar 1st. The C.O. was still in Bari and it was hoped a mistake had been made. Nonetheless, on the 1st March, the Commando, strength now 14 offrs and 255 ORs, embarked at Baia on two LCIs for Anzio.

Anzio Again

Anzio was not the same. The pleasant seaside town was now a shattered battlefield. A new phase was started for 9 Commando, living underground for a protracted period. Many ideas for post war housing could be seen in the various dugouts. The Command Post was a thing of beauty, heat and running water, (when it rained). Life was rather trying, you never knew where your next shell was coming from, the M.T. section had rather a hazardous time. All rations and stores had to be transported by them across tracks more resembling mud pitches, all the time subject to mortar and shell fire. In the innumerable wadis found in the sector in which the Commando was, one could never be sure if the enemy were in front or behind you. Even visiting forward Bn.HQs was a hazardous business.

During the first nine days in the beach-head, the Commando carried out 10 battle patrols, 5 Recce patrols, and 2 attacks of a troop strength, while each squadron had a short period in the line in a patrol and counter attack role. Much useful information was obtained. One prisoner captured by A Sqn. on the 36 U.S. Combat Engineers sector was the first from that sector since the beach-head was formed. On the 19th March, the Commando carried out an attack on an enemy held wadi. Originally, this attack was cancelled except for 9 Commando's part. The wadi battle will remain vividly in the memory of those taking part. It will be considered their longest 24 hours. Incidents flash to mind: the C.O. as No 2 on the Bren to Duggie Brown, the Officers' Mess Cook; Capt BASSETT-WILSON's "Hurry up or you will be too late to throw your grenades at the Germans"; when the I.O. was hit in the water-bottle, the C.O. greeted the gush of escaping water with "Good God, he has been hit in the bladder".

This battle was the first offensive action on the beach-head for a long time, and for days after it the Germans displayed great signs of nervousness.

On the 24th March the Command left Anzio. Dream of clean clothes, dry billets and baths awaiting at Bacoli were rudely shattered when the unit disembarked at Puzzoli. The unit station had been moved to the Adriatic coast of Italy. An unpleasant evening was spent in the former QM stores at Bacoli. Next day the Commando left Naples by train and crossed Italy in the middle of a snowstorm. On the 27th March the unit arrived at Molfetta.

A New Tree With The Same Roots

A phase in the Commando history of 9 Commando had come to an end. Of the unit that had sailed from Liverpool in Sept 1943, there were only 11 officers and 217 ORs left. The percentage of casualties suffered to date was: Officers 80%, ORs 62%. The Commando was about to be rebuilt. The following months were spent recruiting, training and reorganising. Owing to the great difficulties in training, recruiting and training areas, this was to be no easy task. Operational commitments had necessarily to be curtailed. A draft of 11 officers and 80 ORs arrived from the U.K. on 24th April. As no more drafts could be sent from U.K. on account of the forthcoming Western Invasion, recruiting had to be done locally and reinforcements could not come from the hard pressed infantry. Main sources of recruits for Special Services were the R.A. and R.A.S.C. While these men were of good calibre, they had first to be trained as infantrymen, then secondly as Commandos. Some of them had never seen any infantry weapons other than a rifle. Many trips across Italy were taken by officers, chiefly the 2 i/c, Major M.R.H. ALLEN MC, to interview volunteers. Major R.A.C. CAMERON MC even had to return to Anzio. One of the few occasions, if not the only time, volunteers for Commandos were interviewed under fire. Once the volunteers were accepted, there was a considerable delay before they finally reached the Commando. A training troop had to be formed to handle all new intake personnel. The training period started with intensive drill and W.T. periods. This was most essential to bring them up to required in discipline and in handling weapons. Once they were considered proficient, they were posted to troops where they underwent field training. It was decided to rebuild the Commando a troop at a time, commencing with 1 and 5 troops, and these troops were able to start troop training on 25th May. Once again, the training area had to be found outside of Molfetta. Minervino was unsuitable at the time, so bivouac camp was set up outside Monopoli, 45 miles from Molfetta, and the troops, as they were reformed, carried out training there. The heavy weapons troop found a suitable area at Altamura. On the 31st July the bivouac camp was moved further South to Crispiano, 12 miles from Taranto. The area here permitted two troops training together. At this camp one of 4 Tp went sick with an ulcerated stomach. To his Tp Leader's surprise, the sick report excused him boots. Capt. E.J. D'ARCY MC, the M.O., on being confronted with this said "Well the Army marches on its stomach, doesn't it?"

Balkans Through a Stereoscope

During this troop training period, HQ was kept busy planning operations and administering the widely scattered troops. Altogether, nine operations were planned and 27 movement order issued. Operationally the Commando was under command of Force 133, renamed Force 266, then 399. A planning staff was formed consisting of the C.O., Major CAMERON MC; and the I.O. The first operation "Independence", destruction of a radar station on Corfu, was cancelled in favour of "Landlubber I", an attack on a German garrison at Himara, Albania. Capt. BASSETT-WILSON, MC was dropped by parachute to make a reconnaissance. On his report, it was decided that the operation was unfeasible with the force available, and was accordingly postponed. Operation "Landlubber II" was planned to take place in the same area, it was to employ a troop in a guerrilla warfare role. Owing to enemy movements, this operation had to be cancelled.

Meanwhile under "A" Force, two troop operations "Darlington II" and "Pipsqueak" had been placed, and 2 and 4 troops carried them out on the 24th May and 14th June respectively. These operations were similar, and entailed the bringing off by sea of escaped PWs from behind the enemy's line. On "Pipsqueak" the landing craft beached so solidly that the entire troop had to swim to another craft. The Commando now came under the command of the newly formed Land Forces Adriatic. Planning continued unabated. Operation "Gradient", a troop raid on the Northern Adriatic islands of Lussin and Cherso, was the next to be planned. After any changes in the target, 5 troop carried out the operation successfully on 9th August.  No. 2 S.S. Bde returned to Italy on the 24th August from Vis, Yugoslavia, and the Commando once more came under command of L.F.A. Planning commenced for Brigade operation to capture the Dalmation island of Korcula. This was cancelled by A.F.H.Q. Finally operation "Aplomb" appeared and this was to be the planning staff's farewell to L.F.A. They, having looked at so many air photographs, were cross-eyed and had stereoscopic vision. Most of the Balkans was familiar to them through a stereoscope. In fact, when the I.O. flew from Greece to Italy some time later, he instantly recognised some familiar spots in Albania. The planning staff now appreciated that the really important decisions were not made in the Executive Planning Room, but in the bar of the Imperial, the British Officers' Club.

On the 15th August, the Commando moved to a staging camp 6 miles North of Taranto and underwent Commando training.

Greek Campaign

For operation "Aplomb" a force, to be know as 'Foxforce', was formed. It consisted of 9 Commando with under its command four patrols of S.B.S.; one patrol of L.R.D.G., and 75mm gun sec; 4.2" Mortar dets and 0.5 MG Sec R.S.R. Original object of the operations was to destroy a radar station on Kithera Island, South of the Peloponnese. Capt. BASETT-WILSON MC with a patrol of S.B.S. was dropped by parachute in Kithera. P.R. on the 9th Sept showed radar destroyed. The patrol reported the island evacuated by the Germans. The Navy decided to use Kithera as a forward base for Coastal Raiding Forces and Foxforce was to hold the naval base. On the 14th Sept the Force sailed from Taranto in LSI "Prince David" and on the evening of 15/16 Sept landed in Avlemon Bay, Kithera. The population gave the Force a terrific welcome. Next day the Navy decided that Kapsali would make a better anchorage, so all the stores had to be reloaded and shipped round to Kapsali. The ELAS at first appeared friendly and co-operative and their Ops round the island were made part of our defences. The Commando held a defensive perimeter round Kapsali Bay, living in odd buildings or bivouacs. The S.B.S. and L.R.D.G. patrols set off on recces of Poros, Aiyina and Salamis islands and Navplion in the Peloponnese. Operation "Manna", the landing of British forces at Piraieus, was planned to take place at the beginning of October. Foxforce's job on "Manna" was to knock out the C.D. guns on Aiyina.  HQ, while endeavouring to plan these future operations, was besieged by oppressed Greeks, naturalised British and American subjects, appeals for relief, etc. It also became apparent the ELAS were carrying out subversive activities. The Force was not able to deal with any of these problems because (a) its only job was the prosecution of the war against the Germans, (b) no staff or experience in these matters, and (c) no fixed policy was given by higher authorities. Foxforce HQ to be found from 9 Commando HQ and this placed a big strain on it. This was helped a bit by a C.A.O. and "G III" sent from L.F.A. One additional difficulty at first was the time. The Navy worked on Cairo time, Foxforce on Italian time and Greeks on local time. All different!

In the last week of September the Germans withdrew from the Peloponnese, leaving the Greek Security Bns behind. A naval recce party reported from the Peloponnese town of Kalamata that help was required from British troops to prevent bloodshed between the ELAS and the Security Bn at Tripoli. The latter had declared their willingness to surrender  to British troops. The C.O. immediately set off with a troop to Kalamata, where he managed to arrange the surrender of the Security Bn. They were to be taken under a joint British and ELAS guard to Spetzai, an island off the Peloponnese. At one period during these negotiations, the C.O. found himself left alone amidst a band of ferocious guerrillas as a sign of good faith. The surrender was carried out successfully and the C.O. returned to Kithera, leaving Major R.A.C. CAMERON MC in charge of one section to act as British part of the guard. En route for Spetzai, Major CAMERON managed to arrange the surrender of the Security Bn garrison at Navplion. This was no easy task as fighting had already broken out between the garrison and the ELAS. After overcoming many difficulties in transport and shipping, Major CAMERON's party reach Spetzai on 5th Oct. A Stirling woman summed up the situation in the Peloponnese for Major CAMERON when she said "It was Hell under the Germans but worse with the ELAS".

On the 24th Sept 'C' Sqn of the Greek Sacred Regiment arrived from the M.E. and came under the command of Foxforce. The patrol to Poros reported that the island had been evacuated by the Germans. The Navy decided to move the naval base to Poros and on 30th Sept the Force sailed on minesweepers to Poros. On the Force's arrival in Poros Bay at first light on 1st Oct, there was wild firing from the shore. An opposed landing was feared until it was realised that it was an old Greek custom to signify welcome. Again the population was jubilant. The force took up positions around the bay with Ops on the hills overlooking Aiyina, 11 miles away. Any craft venturing on the North side of Poros Island was shelled from Aiyina. Again the Force was confronted with civilian problems. The ELAS in the newly liberated Peloponnese were not losing much time in assuming control. Opponents conveniently disappeared, men were conscripted and food was pillaged from villages. Many Greeks arrived at Poros driven from their homes by terror of the ELAS. Major CAMERON's party at Spetzai reported the ELAS were being most uncooperative and were indulging in anti-British propaganda.

Planning for the operation on Aiyina continued. There was no air cover of the island in spite of urgent appeals to L.F.A. Much information was obtained about the German positions in the Gulf of Athens from patrols and interrogation of German PWs and Greek caique skippers. Briefing was handicapped by the necessity for all orders having to be translated to the C.O. of the Sacred Greek Regt. By the 11th October all plans for the attack on the Aiyina C.D. Batteries at Perdhika and Tourlos were firm. D-day was on the 13th Oct. Air and naval support was arranged including preliminary softening up raids on D - 1. On D - 2 the enemy evacuated Perdhika and the plans had to be changed accordingly. Then on D - 1, AFHQ ordered an attack on Fleves Island to coincide with the Aiyina attack. In the afternoon of D - 1, patrols reported Aiyina completely evacuated. "Emergency Operation" signals sped back and forward between Poros and Italy. All changes in the air support had to be made through L.F.A. in Italy. Changes in the naval support had to go via S.N.O. Poros to the Navy in the M.E. at Alexandria. To add to the excitement, a plane from M.E. at last dropped us the long requested air photographs. They were the air cover of Poros and Aiyina! On the evening of D - 1, the 12th Oct, the final orders from L.F.A. arrived: cancel attack on Aiyina, secure port of Piraieus and aerodrome at Kalmaki preventing demolitions at both, D Day the 14th that same night the OPs reported many demolitions at Piraieus. On the 13th October a small patrol went to Fleves and found the island evacuated. At 2100 hours on the 13th the Force embarked on 2 LCTs and sailed for Piraieus. The minefield between Aiyina and Piraieus was successfully passed at first light on the 14th. As the landing craft came in sight Piraieus harbour, every available craft in the bay came speeding towards them. In no time the Force was surrounded by a cheering armada. The Germans had left the day before. On the shore could be seen a solid black mass of Greeks. The caique harbour had been left undamaged so the landing was made there. The assault troops made a beach-head in the crowd to allow the force to disembark. The C.O. of the British Military Mission in Athens decided it was essential that British troops should enter Athens immediately in order to prevent civil disturbances. The Force made a quick change from denim battle order into K.D. parade order, and by bus were taken to the outskirts of Athens. There the Force was joined by a weak company from No. 4 Para Bn, who had dropped at Megara airfield that morning, and were just in time to take part in the entry into Athens. The Force made a ceremonial march through the streets of Athens to Constitutional Square. Vast crowds cheered the procession and at time almost engulfed the Force. In Constitutional Square the Force was inspected by the Greek Military Governor of Attica. Then the Force marched past the Unknown Warrior's Tomb on which the C.O. laid a wreath. The C.O. received the Freedom of Athens. Billets for the Force were provided in the Melakon building in the centre of Athens. There the Force was virtually imprisoned by madly cheering crowds. This building became the centre of demonstrations and processions which continued by torchlight after dark. Greek political slogans, songs, dances, loudspeakers and more political slogans rent the air. The only starving people in Athens that night was Foxforce, having had no food that day save a haversack breakfast at 0500 hrs. Late at night M.T. forced the way through the mob and raised the siege.

The following days saw no diminution in the crowds. HQ was engulfed by German deserters, Italian PWs seeking protection, British and American subjects, escaped Allied PWs, Greeks desiring jobs with the British Forces. Once the main body of British troops arrived, Foxforce was unceremoniously thrown out of the Melakon building and given as billets a louse-ridden school, which was uninhabitable. Every respectable billet had been chosen in Cairo for other units from a town plan. Foxforce found its own billet, outside of Athens. The Force now came under the command of No. 2 Independent Para Bde Gp and was renamed Commando Force. The S.B.S. and L.R.D.G. patrols ceased to be under command. It was decided that Commando Force, renamed Scrumforce, should be the advance party of the occupational troops for Salonika. On the 29th of October the 'C' Sqn. Sacred Regiment ceased to be under command of Scrumforce. On the 30th October the Force embarked at Piraieus on LCIs. The stores were loaded on caiques with Lieut. P.H. BOLTON i/c. When a storm dispersed the caique fleet, it became known as Bolton Wanderers. Just prior to leaving Piraieus, the CC, Lt-Col R.J.F. TODD DSO, had to return to Italy to assume command of No. 2 S.S. Bde in succession to Brig. T.B.L. CHURCHILL MC. Major M.R.H. ALLEN MC assumed temporary command of 9 Commando and Scrumforce with the local rank of Lt-Col. On the 31st October the Force disembarked at Skiathos Island, which was to be used as an advance staging area for Salonika. Bivouacs were made in an olive grove. On leaving Italy the Commando had been ordered to prepare for a three weeks operation. It was now well into the second month of the Force's stay in Greece and the stores were being heavily strained. On the 2nd of November Flyforce, commanded by Major R.A.C. CAMERON MC, the advance party of Scrumforce, entered Salonika. Three days later, after one of the worst voyages ever experienced, the main body of Scrumforce arrived at Salonika. The craft had crossed a heavily sown and unswept minefield, which later proved very destructive against following convoys. The ELAS were in complete control here. The main body of British troops arrived on the 7th November. Scrumforce was split up. The R.S.R. detachments ceased to be under command. Lt-Col HAMILTON-HILL, the C.A.O., returned to Italy. 9 Commando was left by itself and came under command 7 Ind Inf Bde. On 13th November a detachment of 50 All Ranks formed part of a guard of honour for the arrival of MODIS, Governor General of Salonika.

There was a tense situation at Drama between Nationalists and the ELAS. Co 9 Commando had to despatch two troops to show the flag and maintain order by their presence. 1 and 2 Tps made up this force, called Dramforce, under the command of Capt. H.T. KITHER. The journey to Drama was rather a long business owing to enemy demolitions especially at the river Strymon which had to be crossed by a slow ferry driver by the current of the river. Dramforce held ceremonial parades in Drama and the neighbouring towns, which greatly impressed the local populace. A patrol was maintained on a temporary boundary set up between the ELAS and Nationalists.

The situation remained tense the whole time Dramforce was there. Dramforce were relieved by 1st Coy R. Sussex and returned to Salonika on the 1st December.

At the beginning of November 9 Commando was split up all over Greece. The main body was at Salonika, a rear HQ in Athens, two troops were at Drama, one section was at Skiathos, and one section still at Spetzai. In addition there was a rear party in Italy.

On the 1st December Lt-Col. J.M. DUNNING-WHITE, 8 Hussars, arrived from U.K. fresh from the Western front, to take over command of No. 9 Commando.

When fighting broke out in Athens a high state of preparedness had to be maintained in Salonika. On the event of the outbreak of fighting, all forces in Salonika had to withdraw into and hold a perimeter. The Commando had to provide guards for several VPs and PW escorts. The Commando's role in the perimeter changed several times, and the C.O. had to change his plans accordingly. Adding to his difficulties was the necessity of carrying our recces as unostentationously as possible, pretending he was sightseeing. As the situation had deteriorated, the Commando had to move into the perimeter and was billeted in Allatini Flour Mills, the troops living amongst the machinery. Everyone was confined to billets and street patrols were sent out during the hours of darkness.  Christmas once again could not be celebrated on 25th December, all festivities being postponed. The ELAS remained very correct, but obstructed the British at every turn, while expounding the most violent anti-British propaganda. A football match the C.O. had arranged with the ELAS was cancelled by EAM. Spies were everywhere. The C.O. and 2 i/c were sniped at in their car. The ELAS celebrated the New Year by firing all their weapons into the air. The Military Command in Salonika feared that the ELAS attack had commenced and ordered a stand to. So 0030 hrs on the 1st January 45 saw 9 Commando standing to, ready for battle (hic). Woe to any foe that had crossed their path that night.

The beginning of January saw the complete rout of the ELAS in Athens, forcing them to seek terms. By the conditions of the terms they had to withdraw outside the Salonika area and be clear by the 16th January. The C.O. with 1, 2 and 5 Tps patrolled an area up to the withdrawal boundary to confiscate any stores not clear by midnight 16th January. The whole Commando was then employed in house searching for arms and ammunition.

During this period a certain amount of sport was carried out. The football team played very well and was highly placed in the Salonika League. A very successful novices' boxing competition was run.

The Greek situation by the end of January being under control, it was possible to release 9 Commando from Greece. The three weeks stay in Greece had dragged out to almost five months, by the time the Commando left Salonika on the 6th February aboard two LSTs. No one was really sorry to leave Greece. The stay in Salonika had been most irksome and uncomfortable, being neither one thing nor the other, battle or peace. Most of the unit's kit was still in Italy. Welfare was very slow in arriving and the Commando always seemed to be one step ahead of it. Training was impossible owing to the many moves and constant state of emergency. Altogether, save for a few days in Athens, the Greek campaign for 9 Commando was marked by constant fatigues, guards, moves and periods of stand to.

Return to Italy

After a four week voyage, the Commando arrived at Taranto on the 10th February. By the 11th the unit had moved into its new station at Martina Franca. The next weeks were spent in reorganisation, administration and training.

W.T., Sen NCOs and Sub Offrs demolition, snipers and field craft cadres were held. The Commando classified in all weapons. The period of time given to the C.O. for this very essential work had to be curtailed by operational necessity. On the 11th March the Commando had to move to Ravenna to join 2 Commando Bde. The move was made by train to Rimini and thence by M.T. arriving at Ravenna on the 14th. The armies in Italy, bogged down for so long, were preparing for their final big offensive, in the initial stages of which, 2 Commando Bde were to play a large part in operation "Roast".  9 Commando started training for its role in this operation.  It was introduced to and became familiar with the new types of equipment it was to use; Stormboats, LVTs (Fantails); Weasels, Lifebuoy flamethrowers and Littlejohn 2 pr A.tk guns. Each troop spent a few days in the line to familiarise it with the type of terrain over which it would be operating.

The Last Battles in Italy

On April 1st the Commando left Ravenna for operation "Roast". This was an amphibious operations involving a crossing of Lake Comacchio. This must stand out in Commando history as one of the most hazardous and complicated operations ever undertaken. The special craft intended to carry the troops across the lake had almost to be carried themselves by the troops. The operation was very successful. During the operation, a man complained that he had no cigarettes. His L/Cpl reminded him that he had been issued seven that morning. "Seven!" he objected. "I smoked them all in one stonk". After the heavy morning counter attack had been repulsed, rations and mail reached 5 Tp. Pte LANCASTER received a book "Bullets for Breakfast"!

The next operation was when one section of 4 Troop under Lieut. P.H. BOLTON was sent to occupy certain islands on Lake Comaccio (Op. "Fryforce"). This was uneventful.

Capt. M.A.W. DAVIES MC rejoined the unit from Staff College, Haifa, on 10th April and took on the job of Adjutant again. The Guard Room has remained full ever since.

On April 11th the C.O. received notice to mount another amphibious operation "Impact Royal" under 24 Guards Bde. It was again over Lake Comaccio, but this time on its South West shore. Little time was given for planning as the Commando had to leave its base, Marina di Ravenna, P.M. on 12th April, embark that night and land the next day in broad daylight - on Friday 13th! The operation was carried out in Fantails (LVTs IV). The landing proved to be unopposed. The operation then took on in principle two bashes against the enemy to clear up to an cross the Fossa Marina which was holding up the advance of the Guards Bde. Though the Commandos did not succeed in crossing, it made it possible for the Brigade to cross, first by clearing the enemy from some very strongly defended positions South of the Fossa Marina, then by knowledge gained of the enemy, his weapons, positions, and the nature of the water obstacle with its many hazards.

The Commando returned to Marina di Ravenna on 17th April. Owing to the casualties sustained on Ops "Roast" and "Impact Royal", the C.O. reorganised the Commando into three rifle troops and a heavy weapons troop.

Total Victory

V.E. Day, 8th May 1945, 9 Commando, strength 25 Officers and 430 ORs, paraded for an address from the C.O., followed by a service of thanksgiving and remembrance, the sounding of the "Last Post, Reveille and Cease Fire." All ranks then had a issue of rum. The Sergeants marched with pipes to the Officers' mess which was drained dry. At night a bonfire was lit and toasts drunk round it in vino.

This ends another phase in the history of 9 Commando. What the future holds is as yet unknown. One more phase or many? Who knows?

Appendix 'A'



Unit Strength

‘’          ‘’
Embarked at Loverpool 11th Sept 43
‘’          ‘’
After Operation “Anzio II”
‘’          ‘’
Embarked Taranto for Greece 14 Sept 44
‘’          ‘’
Before OP “Roast” 31 Mar 45



Patrol 5 Jan 44
Operation “Ornito”
Operation “Anzio II”
Operation “Roast”
Operation “Impact Royal”
Batttle Casualties
Battle Accidents



Draft from U.K
24 Apr 44
Draft from U.K
Oct 44
Draft from U.K
Dec 44
Recruited in Italy Apr – Aug 1944 (from 35 Offrs and 361 ORs interviewed


"      "
Sept 42 – Apr 44
"     "
May 44 – Apr 45


On 8 May 45 Nos still in Cdo who were in it when it was formed Nov 40
On 8 May 45 Nos still in Cdo who embarked U.K. Sept 43
Estimated Casualties inflicted on Enemy by 9 Cdo between 29 Dec and 15 Apr 45         


Appendix 'B'






  • Major   M.R.H. ALLEN                                                                             
  • Major   R.A.C. CAMERON
  • Capt.    M. LONG                                                                                                                     
  • Capt.    E.J.D. D'ARCY
  • Capt.    P. BASSETT-WILSON (KIA)                       
  • Capt.    M.A.W. DAVIES
  • Capt.    L.S. CALLF                                                                                                  
  • Capt.    H.T. KITHER (KIA)
  • Lieut.   D.B. LONG

Bar to M.C. 


Mentioned in Despatches


Appendix 'C'


20 Nov 43
Brig. T.B.L. CHURCHILL MC; Comd. 2 S.S. Bde inspected the unit.
1 Jan 1944
Brig. T.B.L. CHURCHILL MC addressed the unit.
   Jan 44
Gen. Sir Richard L. McCREERY, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.B.F., MC., 10 Corps Comd. Inspected the unit.
15 Mar 44
Maj. Gen. GREIGSON-ELLIS, D.S.O. Comd. 5 Div, and Brig LORNE-CAMPBELL, V.C., D.S.O. visited the unit.
20 Mar 44
Maj. Gen. GREIGSON-ELLIS, D.S.O. visited the unit to congratulate it on the operation of 19 Mar.
28 June 44
Brig. G.C. DAVY, C.B.E., D.S.O., inspected No. 5 Troop.
29 June 44
Admiral Sir W. COWAN, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.B.E., inspected unit's guard of honour.
6 July 44
Maj. Gen. R.G. STURGESS, R.M., C.B.E., D.S.O., Comd. S.S. Group inspected the unit.
16 Aug 44
Lieut-Col. C.E. VAUGHAN, M.B.E., addressed the unit.
19 Dec 44
Brig. D.O. BUTTERWORTH, D.S.O., Comd. 3 Dist inspected unit accommodation.
22 Jan 45
Maj. Gen. G.H. BOUCHER, C.B.E., D.S.O., Comd. 4 Ind Div visited the unit.
3 Feb 45
Brug. O. do T. LOVETT, D.S.O. Comd. 7 Inf Bde inspected the unit.
15 Feb 45
Brig. R.J.F. TOD, D.S.O., Comd. 2 Cdo Bde inspected the unit.
1 Apr 45
Brig. R.J.F. TOD, DSO., addressed the unit.
4 Apr 45
Lieut-Gen. C.F. KEIGHTLEY, C.B., D.S.O., O.B.E., Comd. 5 Corps visited unit and congratulated it on Op "Roast".
7 Apr 45
Marina di
Field Marshall, The Honourable Sir Harold R.L.G. ALEXANDER, G.C.B., C.S.I., D.S.O., M.C., visited Brigade and met all Cos and Major L.S. CALLF, M.C. He was accompanied by the Army Comd. Lieut-Gen. Sir Richard L. McCREERY, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.B.E., M.C. and 5 Corps Comd. Lieut. C.F. KEIGHTLEY, C.B., D.S.O., O.B.E.
26 Apr
Marina di
Brig. R.J.F. TOD, D.S.O. inspected the unit.


TOD, Ronald John Frederick (Brig)

Known as: 
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Service number: 
Friday, November 3, 1905
Died : 
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Commissioned  into the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders in 1925. Served in No 6 Independent Company and was  Officer Commanding No 11 Independent Company in 1940 and later took command of No 9 Commando in 1942.  Awarded DSO, and later a Bar to the DSO, each for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy " whilst commanding No 9 Commando in 1944.  Promoted Brigadier and Officer Commanding 2 Commando Brigade,  in 1945 he was awarded a CBE for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy."

Commando Association Newsletter 61 of 1975.

"We are saddened by the death on 5th April last of Brigadier Ronald John Froderick Tod CBE, DSO & Bar,  Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, a Vice President of the Association and one of the first Commanding Officers of the Independent Companies from which Army Commandos were developed. Lt.Colonel Michael Allen (9 Commando) writes:
Ronnie Tod, as he was universally and affectionately known, rose spontaneously during the Second World War to the occasion for which he had been trained as a regular soldier, and throughout his wartime commands of No. 6 Independent Company, No. 9 Commando and ultimately 2nd Commando Brigade, he operated as a talented, intrepid, and adventurous professional.  He instinctively recognised the right job to be done, acknowledged the supreme significance of the men with whom he had to see to the doing of it, and then commanded, cared for, and directed them accordingly. Those men remained under his command with unswerving resolution and loyalty for so long as they were fit and able.
Ronnie Tod was daunted by nothing except concern for his men, and at all times was inspired by an implacable determination that together they would achieve the object of whatever task or exercise was set them. He will happily have joined those whose names are inscribed in the Cornmando Roll of Honour Book which rests in St. George's Chapel, Westminster Abbey and we recall that the final completion of this Book of Remembrance was only made possible by his generosity. We have lost another comrade without the like of whom the Army Commandos would never have gained their place in the history of the British Army".
CBE: LG Publication date: 18 September 1945; Supplement: 37274; Page: 4669
DSO: LG Publication date: 29 June 1944; Supplement: 36586; Page : 3069
Bar to DSO: LG Publication date: 18 July 1944; Supplement: 36615; Page: 3375
Photo of grave in Gallery: