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Personnel SCHOLEY, H.
Book page No 12 Commando Nominal I-O
Commando Action Wesel - Operation Widgeon
Book page No 5 Commando Nominal P - Z
Personnel REDMAN, Reginald Frank
Book page No 6 Commando Nominal P - Z
Personnel PEARSON, Cyril Stanley
Personnel PEARSON, James
Personnel PEARSON, George
Personnel PEARSON, William George Victor Robert
Personnel PEARSON, J.C.
Personnel HUBBOLD, Harry Charles
Personnel MACNISH, Charles James
Personnel LYNDON, T.J.
Personnel RIDOUT, E.S.
Personnel LYNDON, James
Personnel MARTIN, James Edward
Personnel ROUTLEDGE, John Nixon
Personnel SALISBURY, Geoffrey
Personnel COLLIS, Robert Windham O'Neale
Personnel GRANT, Richard Henry
Personnel DAVIES, Hadyn
Personnel ARMOUR, Thomas
Personnel BARRETT, Donald John
Personnel BLAKEWAY, Benet Carr


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