Join the Commando Association

Aside from the unique camaraderie and pride that comes with membership of the Commando Association, the CA organises several events throughout the year which members can attend. Discounted rates for hotels are sometimes available at events.
Membership also includes 3 Newsletters per year.
Access to the members only facebook page.
Low cost: One off joining fee of £5 plus annual subscription of £15.00 (£20 overseas). 

Membership is free for WW2 Commandos.
For all others there is currently a £5 one off joining fee plus an annual subscription of:
£15 for those residing in the United Kingdom.
£20 for those residing overseas..
The preferred method of payment is Standing Order (details on forms below).
Membership Forms for Serving Commandos and those who have left the Service. 
Associate membership of the Commando Association is open to all family members and friends of Commandos.  Your membership application should be sponsored by a current member.

nb. registering on the Forum or the Facebook community does not make you a member of the Association. The Association needs your support and membership.

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Read some frequently asked questions here [FAQ's].
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