1 Commando, Memorial Service

Document from John Mewett,  transcribed by Elaine Southworth-Davies. Source: National Archives  WO 218/81. 
Note: 12 Troop is thought to have been a short lived merger due to numbers of 1 and 2 Troops.
[Source: Henry Brown OBE.]
Memorial Service for the Fallen and Wounded Officers and Men of No. 1 Commando during operations on Myebon Peninsula and the Kangaw Bridgehead, January 1945.
1. HYMN “Let Saints on earth in concert sing”
2. LESSON Wisdom of Solomon 3.
Read by the Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel K.R.S. Trevor.
No. 12 Troop
3596431 Cpl. J. A. YOUNG
No. 3 Troop
5933108 Sgt. R. J. LANDER                                               3191706 L/Cpl. M. DEARDEN
6982426 L/Cpl. J. DUMIGAN                                            1453333   J.G A. BEANEY
983057 Gnr. L .P. GRAVES                                                5384112 Pte. R. A. LOOKER
No. 4 Troop
Lieut. G. A. KNOWLAND                                                   14241761 Cpl. H. BAKER
7942336 L/Cpl. A. PLLU                                                    14604377 L/Cpl. E. J. LLOYD
7366356 L/Cpl. H.G. RUSHTON                                       5828291 Pte. J. BOYCE
2185354 Pte. J. FITZSIMMONS                                         5621153 Pte. I. N. TUCKER
No. 5 Troop
6143891 Gnr.G. M. BAKER
No. 6 Troop
Lieut. A. A. PALMER                                                            1905889 Sgt. M. F. MORRIS (MM)
2614133 L/Sgt. A BAKER (DCM)                                        2073288 L/SGT.M. B. JONES
5933005 L/Sgt. R. WALLIS                                                  6482243 L/Cpl. G. C. WILSON
3964660 L/Cpl. J. R. LINES                                                 14241839 Pte. R. E. WATTS
14604353 Fus. A. A. ANDREWS                                         6206246 Gnr. F. H. CLAY
Headquarters (Signals)
5735209 Pte. W. J. COMAN
4.   LESSON 1 Corinthians, 15.
5.  SHORT ADDRESS  by Rev, A. B. COLLISHAW, B.A.  Ch.  D.
7. HYMN “The Church’s one foundation”
Read by Troop Leaders.
No. 12 Troop
14241783 Cpl. T. G. BENNION                                        3915316 Pte. J. WOOD
3974792 Pte. D. W. CROSS                                              5052724 Pte. W. G. WARD
No. 3 Troop
Lieut. F. H. CREWE
7690515 Pte. C. R. MARSHALL                                        5510944 Pte. H. A. WARE
11259984 Gnr. A. A. DAVEY                                            14207309  Pte. F. EVERITT            
4195436 L/Cpl. W. JONES                                                14603190 L/Cpl. W. S. SMITH      
6015678 Gnr. L. E. SMITH                                                3915335 Pte. C. JAMES
4033985 L/Sgt. H. W. ROBERTS                                      4698646 Cpl. J. W. HOBBS
5437882 Pte. D. SWEENEY                                              1500881  Fus. W. MCFALL
851702 Gnr. G. W. JENKINS                                             2083611 Gnr. F. V. ABBS
13046330 Pte. A, P, GRANT                                             5826616 Pte. H. G. RUFFELL
No. 4 Troop
Capt. D.H. COWAP (MC)
5825564 L/Sgt. L. E. DUNNETT                                        5933908 L/Sgt. A. JACKSON
5826893 L/Sgt. W. A. LING                                               4196617 Cpl. R. GOODLASS
6970370 Cpl. A. G. THOMPSON                                      3249930 L/Cpl.J. E. AITKEN
14327805 Gnr.A. MADDOX                                             2063437 Gnr. F. G. PALMER
6300127 Pte. A. J. WILLIAMS                                           3863684 Pte.T. HEHIR                    
5830879 Pte. A. W. LOVESAY                                          14416348Pte. T.N. BUCHANAN
799237 Pte. J. W. GARDNER                                            3973636 Pte. A. PAWSON
14627308 Pte. E. T. ALLEN
No. 5 Troop
1606430 Gnr. J. O’DONNELL                                            866743 Gnr. H. COUNCELL           
3713113 Pte. G. JUDGE                                                     6298707 Pte. L. T. STEFFENSON
2579764 L/Cpl. H. BERRY                                                 1432055 Gnr. T. C. WILSON
3976195 Pte. W. D. JONES                                                828326 BSM J. J. DOWNEY           
3392797 L/Sgt. W. WATERHOUSE                                   5186819 Gnr. A. G. MULHOLLAND
6215749 Pte. S. SIMMONDS                                            3194769 Pte. W. AIRD
2062315 Gnr. J. A. QUINCEY                                            3962766 Pte. J. C. LEAVER
3970740 Pte. J. C. MORGAN                                            14353401 Pte. J. A. YANDELL
2048203 Pte. E. J. LONGMAN
No. 6 Troop
5055844 L/Cpl. G.D. PYM                                                 14241724 Pte. G. WOOLARD
6298002 Pte. K. VINCENT                                                 5933209 Pte. W. T. SEWELL
852223 Bdr. A. E. RUSDALE                                              6215774 Pte. D. W. WILLIAMS
14590409 Pte. H. MURPHY                                              14604392 Fus. W. R. TAYLOR       
4748087 Cpl. E. BARNES                                                  1732198 L/Cpl. C. HOTHERSALL  
4801882 Fus. C.J. MERCER                                               14421501 Pte. S. BURGESS          
4032499 L/Cpl G. L. STANLEY                                          1650807 Gnr. F. G. ANDREWS
14604367  Pte. S. CUNNINGHAM                                    5383388 Pte. W. NUTLEY              
6103121 L/Cpl. J. E. A. MAYNARD                                    11268888 Gnr. S, R, RUDGLEY
3393053 Pte, D. MALONEY                                               3718320 Gnr. M. PHILLIPSON
6104720 Pte. F. WILLIAMS                                               14241845 L/Bdr. E. BIDDESCOMBE
7366507 Sgt. G. L. NORLEY                                              6471335 Fus. W. H. IRVING

10.   PRAYER


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