DUNNE, Philip Russell Rendell

Temporary Captain
Unit / Base: 
Special Service - Group, Brigade, and Brigade Signals
3 Commando
8 Commando
Royal Horse Guards
Honours & Awards: 
Captain Philip Dunne, Special Service Bde. HQ., was awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service during the Salerno Landings.
Salerno Bay 9-16 September 1943
"Having landed with the first flight of the assaulting troops, Captain Dunne, (in his capacity as Liaison Officer  between the Commandos and S.S. Bde. HQ) continuously displayed the highest sense of duty and disregard of danger throughout the initial fighting on the Marin.. Beach, and in the subsequent actions at Vietri, in the Molina defile, and in the 167 Bde. sector.
He never once failed to reach sub-units to which he was dispatched though on many occasions the intervening ground was covered by intense M.G. and mortar fire which prevented others from crossing it. On one occasion having been sent to contact two U.S. Officers who had been cut off, Captain Dunner, in excess of his duties, penetrated deep behind the enemy lines in efforts to find them.
His frequent appearances in the thick of the front line fighting, and his cheerful and encouraging manner ( however critical he knew the situation to be in reality ) was undoubtedly a paramount factor in establishing that personal contact between Bde. HQ. and the fighting Troops (during periods when they tend to feel isolated and uncertain) which is so essential to the conduct of the battle.
I regard Captain Dunne's performance during these ten exacting days worthy of the highest praise."
[Signed: R.E. Laycock, Brigadier. cmd.S.S. Bde..]
On the 28th February 1954 having attained the age limit of liability to recall,  Lieutenant Dunne MC relinquished his commission and was granted the hon. rank of Captain.
His death was announced to members in the Obituaries of Commando Association newsletter 41 dated Sept. 1965.
Commando units - Commando Association obituary in newsletter 41 of Sept 1965.
Award: London Gazette 36327, page 255.
Citation: National Archives WO/373/4
Hon rank: London Gazettes supp 40133, page 1878.

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