EASTON, Norman Kidston

Captain (Temporary)
Training Centres WW2
46RM Commando
Highland Light Infantry
Honours & Awards: 
Captain Norman Easton, CMWTC, 1 Commando Bde. HQ, and 46RM Commando 'X' Troop [1], was awarded the Military Cross in recognition of gallant and distinguished service [2].
He was an instructor at the CMWTC and, along with others, had been attached to 46RM Commando on 5 April 1944  [3] for operations on 'D' Day. Whilst most returned shortly after, Capt. Easton remained with them as a Troop Commander until 'D+50' when ordered to return. He later rejoined them for operations in Holland [CMWTC History below].
On 29 Apr. in the initial assault over the R. Elbe at Lauenberg, Capt. Easton was commanding the leading Tp. of this Unit. As the craft approached the far bank, the enemy opened up fierce fire with light AA guns, mortars, and grenades on the landing point. Capt. Easton immediately led his men off the craft through the fire and started to climb the 100 ft cliff feature down which the enemy were hurling grenades. The grenade throwing was becoming accurate and casualties were occurring both on the beach and among the tps. climbing the cliff whom the enemy could obviously see and hear.
Despite this fire Capt. Easton made his way up and standing up in full view he personally silenced with grenades the strongly held enemy post at the top. He then immediately led the way forward himself, despite enemy artillery and mortar, and infiltrated through enemy posts at great speed. He led the advance for two miles to the objective and over-ran the enemy company on it.
Capt. Easton showed complete disregard for his personal safety and his action in silencing the enemy post saved many lives and greatly contributed to the success of the whole operation [4].
[1] 1 Cdo. Bde. HQ War Diary [more...] | CMWTC history [see linked content below.] | History of 46RM Cdo. 
[2] London Gazette Supp. 37204, page 3955.
[3] 46RM Commando War Diary April 1944.
[4] National Archives file WO373/55/898.

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