11 Commando
'Special Air Service'
Royal Artillery
Died : 
Sunday, July 16, 2006
Sgt Jack Terry DCM 11 Commando
Sergeant Jack Terry was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during the Rommel raid in the Middle East. It was during this raid that his commanding officer Lt. Col. Geoffrey Keyes was killed. Sgt. Terry made good his escape and later joined the Special Air Service. Post war he joined Nottingham Police and served for the next 28 years [3].
At Sidi Rafa.
After capsizing in his boat during the landing from the submarine and after an exacting march over 18 miles of mountainous country in drenching rain, Sgt. Terry, in company with 2 officers, forced an entrance to the German HQ at Sidi Rafa. He covered the 2 officers while they investigated the ground floor and prevented enemy interference by firing his tommy gun at guards who attempted to descend from the 1st floor. He afterwards entered a room and though fired at from the dark interior, he emptied 2 magazines into it. When the Commander of his detachment was killed, he conducted his party successfully back to the beach. On retirement from the beach, after ordering his party to disperse and take to the hills in compliance with instructions, Sgt Terry remained behind under heavy fire, and waited for his Commanding Officer who had hurt his knee. He remained in his company behind the enemy lines for 41 days until they were able to rejoin our own advancing troops [2]. 
[1] London Gazette 35465, page 895.
[2] National Archives WO 373/18/126
[3] The Herald newspaper interview with Jack Terry 11/11/1997.

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