MELVILLE, Hugh Montgomery

Scots Guards
Died : 
Friday, August 18, 1944
Killed in action or died of wounds
Guardsman Hugh Melville, 3 troop, died during operations at Normandy in the Plain Gruchet area. He had been one of the replacements who joined No 3 in July 1944. [view].
From Brigadier Peter Young's book Storm from the Sea
"There was enough debris in the water to make stepping stones and Ponsford now called forward Sergeant Osbone MM. "Take four men, get across and have a look at that bridge beyond. We'll give you covering fire." Osborne and his men dashed down the bank unscathed, crossed the ruins in the water, and scrambled up the opposite bank. A shot rang out and Melville, a Scots Guardsman, who had already been wounded on D+4, was hit. To avoid further casualties Ponsford shouted to Osborne to bring his men back, which he managed to do. Melville, who was badly injured, died soon afterwards."
Gdsm Melville is also named in Trooper Stan Scott's book Fighting with the Commandos. Tpr Scott was in No 3 Commando and in the same troop as Gdsm Melville and was present when he was killed, and describes the incident in his book. Prior to Tpr Scott's death last year he identified Gdsm Melville in this photo, and others, of 3 troop No 3 Commando at Limehouse 1944.
Additional Sources
War Diary for No 3 Commando August 1944, National Archives reference WO 218/65 .
Brigadier Durnford Slater's book Commando - Memoirs of a Fighting Commando in WW2.
Primary Roll of Honour: 
Photo of grave in Gallery: 

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