MCPHERSON, George McGregor Fraser

Lance Sergeant
9 Commando
Black Watch
Honours & Awards: 
Lance Sergeant George McPherson was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Italy [1][1a] during operations in the Wadis at the Anzio Beachhead [2]
During a Commando operation on March 19, 1944 the above NCO was in charge of a Bren LMG covering the left flank of the forward positions. Although subject to continual heavy sniping and machine gun fire, he coolly and determinedly broke up group after group of enemy attempting to form up counter attacks, and to infiltrate forward from the high ground.
Later in the day he was withdrawn from this forward position but made repeated journeys back to it across 50 yards of open and bullet swept country, in order to break up enemy recce parties, and direct the fire of our own 2" Mortar.
Before last light he again took up this forward position, although under heavy and continuous fire, despite the fact that he was completely isolated from the remainder of his Troop.
Shortly before dusk his position was attacked by a party of 20 enemy led by an Officer with a map. Mcpherson held his fire until they were at point blank range and then opened up with his Bren LMG killing the Officer and seven of the enemy, and wounding and driving off the remainder.
Throughout the day his personal courage and devotion to duty was an inspiration to all his comrades [1a].
  • 15 April 1945 wounded during operations at Lake Comacchio, Italy [3].
  • Post war served with the Dorset Police attaining the rank of Detective Inspector [4].
[1] London Gazette 36615, page 3377.
[1a] National Archives file WO373/6/597.
[2] No.9 Commando overseas (see linked content below).
[3] Casualty Lists / National Archives file WO417/91.
[4] Commando Association Newsletter 44 issued March 1967.

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