Terms and Conditions for images or documents

The Commando Veterans Archive has its own terms and conditions for the posting of images and/or documents. These are in addition to the general terms and conditions of our website.

By posting any image you confirm and accept the following:

 1. You are the owner, or have legal rights or consent to so publish that image;
 2. You must post your full name if not already on your profile. Your image will be credited with your name;
 3. All images should be relevant to the Commandos from their formation in 1940 to the present day;
 4. If not clear from the image, evidence of Commando service, and the unit to which attached, must be provided before an image can be entered into the main Gallery;
 5. Images must be original. Those that have been altered with the addition of colour at a later date are generally not accepted into the gallery;
 6. Images cropped from photos already in the gallery will not be accepted. Where this is deemed appropriate, it will be done only by an Administrator;
 7. All images and content submitted are subject to immediate amendment, addition, or deletion at the discretion of the Commando Veterans Archive, without notice;
 8. All images will be subject to the Creative Commons Licence displayed at the foot of the page;
 9. You consent to your name being displayed alongside each image you submit;
 10. Requests for permission to reproduce any image by third parties will be at the discretion of the Commando Veterans Archive, and the credit applied will be to the said Archive. 

Once submitted

Images will then be moderated for suitability, errors in any content corrected, deleted if duplicate, or very similar, to any already in our archive, then if assessed suitable, moved to an appropriate album in the gallery.
Comments can be posted against any image in the gallery by those who have registered on the gallery. Gallery registration is separate to that of Forum registration.
If at anytime you wish your photo removed please contact the Commando Veterans Archive via our Contacts page. 

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