MacLAUGHLIN, Frederick James

Petty Officer
'3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 
Petty Officer Frederick MacLaughlin, RN,  Medical Assistant attached to 45 Commando RM, was awarded the George Medal for his gallantry whilst accompanying a Commando patrol in Northern Ireland in 1970.
On 27th June 1970 a company of 45 Commando Royal Marines was sent to deal with a gun battle between rival factions in the Crumlin Road area of Belfast. Petty Officer MacLaughlin accompanied them as medical assistant. After taking a wounded civilian to hospital, the ambulance he drove came under fire while returning to the scene of action. Petty Officer MacLaughlin was hit in the cheek. He refused help and, while bandaging the wound himself, heard that another civilian had been wounded. Completely disregarding his own injury, MacLaughlin drove through the line of fire to the wounded man and accompanied him to hospital. There the Petty Officer saw that the patient was cared for before consenting to be examined himself. It was found that a bullet had entered Petty Officer MacLaughlin's right cheek, smashed his lower jaw and lodged in his throat. He was immediately given an emergency operation.
By his example of bravery and complete disregard for his own safety, Petty Officer MacLaughlin showed outstanding courage while evacuating the civilian casualties. His selfless conduct was an example to all who saw him and was in the highest traditions of the Service.
London Gazette 45318, page 1989.

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