LOWSON, Robert Charles

Known as: 
Unit / Base: 
'Special Air Service'
4 Independent Company
2 Commando
Liverpool Scottish Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Honours & Awards: 
Died : 
Friday, August 2, 2013
Robert Lowson Special Air Service
Sergeant Robert Lowson was awarded the Military Medal serving with 1st S.A.S., Army Air Corps.
Sgt. Lowson was in command of a patrol of two jeeps which, operating behind the German lines, attacked on the 7th September 1944 a German motorised convoy on the Nevers-La-Charite road France. Despite the fact that the column was protected by armoured cars, Sgt. Lowson held his fire to the last possible moment, destroying three truck loads of infantry before being forced to withdraw when the armoured cars counter attacked. In order to enable his second jeep to extricate itself, Sgt. Lowson remained behind to engage the armoured cars at extremely short range, knocking out the leading vehicle and forcing the others to break off the engagement.
Throughout he showed qualities of leadership, coolness, and complete disregard for personal safety. [Recommended by Lt. Col. R.B. Mayne, D.S.O.].
Brief Service History
1st Bn. Liverpool Scottish Regiment.
April 1940 No.4 Independent Company at Sizewell.
May 1940 to Norway as part of Scissorforce.
October 1940 No.4 Independent Company incorporated into 'B' Company of the 1st Special Service Battalion.
Volunteered for a Special Service Bn., Detachment known as Force X and embarked for Malta where operations with the S.B.S. by submarine would later take place.
 'B' Company 1st SS Bn., formed the nucleus of a new No.2 Commando in February 1941.
Posted Commando Depot at Geneifa and 'A' Squadron Middle East Commando.
'C' Squadron 1st S.A.S. part of the expanding 'L' Detachment S.A.S.
2 Troop, Special Raiding Squadron.
March 1943 deployed to Italy.
5 October 1943 Termoli wounded.
Returned with his unit  to the UK.
7 September 1944, France, 1st S.A.S. awarded the Military Medal. 
13 April 1945  seriously wounded resulting in a long period of hospitalisation involving several operations.
London Gazette 36994, page 1543.
Award Recommendations / National Archives file WO373/52/786.
Casualty Lists / National Archives files WO417/91.
Dennis Reeves, Liverpool Scottish Regimental Museum Trust.
[Image] Jeff Cottam, son of Walter Cottam, Liv. Scots and No.7 Cdo.

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