O'BRIEN, Albert Peter

47RM Commando
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 

Lieutenant Albert Peter O'Brien, 47RM Commando, was awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service in operations in North-West Europe in July 1944 [1].
Lt O'Brien was leading a patrol in a "silent" raid on the enemy FDLs East of Sallenelles early in the morning of 23 July. When about 50yds from the enemy position, one man of the patrol trod on an anti-personnel mine. Surprise was lost. The enemy opened heavy automatic fire aided by flares. For a moment it looked as if the patrol would fail in their task but Lt O'Brien by his total disregard of danger, by his personal example, and by his determination, got the patrol together again and led them into the enemy position. When the patrol had returned to our own lines with an officer prisoner, Lt O'Brien, hearing that some of the patrol were missing, returned to the enemy minefield moving through our defensive fire, and stayed there in the fast growing light, until all the wounded had been removed [2].

  • October 1944 listed as serving at the Holding Operational Commando [3].
  • 1945 Lieutenant 'C' troop 44RM Commando in the Far East, leaving the Unit at Poona in April 1945 and returning to the UK [4].

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[2] National Archives file WO373/47/30.
[3] Navy Lists see Linked Content below.
[4] 44RM Commando, Achnacarry to the Arakan, author Tony Mackenzie.

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