50ME Commando

The Middle East Commando began to form at Geneifa in August 1940. No.50 Middle East Commando formed up in September 1940 and became fully operational in October. It included a detachment of 63 volunteers from Spain. A large number of these Spaniards would be among those captured in June 1941 at Crete.
No.50 Middle East Commando operations included Operation Abstention 25 to 28 February 1941 on the enemy occupied Greek island of Kastellorizo (or Castellorizo). 
The history of 50, 51, and 52 Middle East Commandos is a complex one.  In June 1941 Nos.50 and 52 ME Commando merged to form 'D' Bn. of Layforce for operations in Crete.
Between September and December 1941 decisions were being made to disband them and create a new Commando.
Reformed in January 1942 as Squadrons of a new Middle East Commando operating primarily with the 8th Army in North Africa before being redsignated in April 1942 as the 1st Special Service Regiment. 

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