2 Commando, Postscript

"Soon after the cessation of hostilities in 1945, those in high places who had long advocated for the abolition of the Army Commandos, had their day. We went back to our various parent regiments, quietly, as always, obeying the last order.

This author became a former, relatively unimportant, member of the Commandos, who to be perfectly honest, was indulging in the human tendency of feeling a bit sorry for himself. I recall that what jolted me back into reality was thinking about the closing of the Commando Depot at Achnacarry. My miserable mood was surely nothing justified compared to what ‘the powers that be’ had done to Colonel Vaughan’s wonderful establishment.

Charlie Vaughan had lived through the horrors of the trenches in 1914-1918, but he had no ‘tunnel’ vision. He did not let his concept of war remain in that past conflict. Instead, he created a facility to train men for battle, achieving standards unprecedented in the history of the British Army. There is an old saying which goes: ‘Nobody ever told you life was fair!’ Those words certainly describe the ‘reward’ that Charlie received for his endeavours.

Four and a half years after the disbandment of No. 2 Commando this author found himself playing another relatively unimportant part in the Korean War. This time there were no green berets in the ranks alongside him. He felt lonely.


The author wishes to record his appreciation of the hard work and patience of his wife, Janet, in the ‘rush’ production of this narrative. Janet understands the subject well and is a willing historian of all things ‘commando’. She is a member of the Royal British Legion and an associate member of the Commando Veterans Association."

BOB BISHOP (No 2 Commando)
AUGUST, 2007

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