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There are many other transcribed documents and images of documents, letters, etc. within the commando unit pages and also in the photo galleries of the different units
MOFFAT, Robert, 40RM Cdo. entries from his diary
MUIR, David Alexander (45 Cdo), newspaper report on wounding Aden
NEWMAN, Lt Col. Augustus Charles, VC, (OC No.2 Cdo), London Gazette
NICHOLLS, Reuben (41 Ind. Cdo), newspaper report missing in Korea
NIGHTINGALE, Frank (41RM Cdo) - newspaper report about award
NOAKES, William, (45RM Cdo), letter about his award from Captain Day RM
NORTON, Jimmy, (Brigade Signals), Obituary
OLIVER, Roland (No.4 Cdo), 1944 article about meeting sister in Belgium
PALMER, Frederick (No.5 Cdo) - newspaper report about police service
PETERS, Richard (Lt. 2 SBS) letter to father
PORT, John Gowans (No.9 Cdo), a letter home
QUICKENDEN, Edmund Spencer (No.6 Cdo), newspaper obituary
RABBITT MM, Eric William (No.1 Cdo), newspaper report on his funeral
ROBERTS, Donald Leslie (2 SBS) - newspaper article on retirement
ROBERTSON, George (47RM Cdo), newspaper report of his death
ROBSON, William (40 Cdo) RM Service
SAWYER, Alfred, Memories of No 2 Commando
SCHOFIELD, Dudley Raymond (No.2 Cdo) - post war service
SCOBBIE, John Ross (No.5 Cdo) - newspaper report of his death
SMALLBONE, Nelson (No.2 Cdo), newspaper report on his death
SMITH, Roy (Cpl. 43RM Cdo) - letters to his mother after his death
SMITH, Roy (Cpl. 43RM Cdo) last letter
SQUIRE, John (43RM Cdo) - newspaper article about award
STANDERWICK, James Henry (No.6 Cdo), newspaper report of his death
STANFORD, Charles Robert, (Cdo. School RM), newspaper reports of his death
STOCKS, Douglas (No.11 Cdo), newspaper report about repatriation
STORER, Sidney (No.9 Cdo), newspaper report 1965
STUART, Ted, Memories of 5 Commando and Mission 204
TRIGG, Fred (2 Cdo) newspaper report about his death
WILLIAMS, John (No.5 Cdo), newspaper report about his death
WILSON, Sydney (45RM) newspaper report about his death
WRIGHT, Henry Walter, (No.3 Cdo), Service Record
YOUNG, Leilyn, (American), letter about his time as a US Ranger.


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