48RM Cdo. Officers, Oct.'44

Extract from the Navy Lists

October 1944 Volume 2 Page 1105.  (page 261 on N.L.S. website page list)
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
2nd in Command —  Act. Maj. D. H. W. Sanders.

Act. Tempy. Capts.
T. G. Linnell.
W. E. Robinson.
E. Dunn.

Tempy. Lieuts.
M. M. Aldworth.
H. Smedley.
J. K. Morland.
J. J. E. Square.
G. S. Spiller.
R. G. Mackenzie.
D. G. Goodlet.
L. R. Grant.
J. W. Bonner.
H. B. Boreham.
E. H. Thomas.
P. S. Collins.
C. B. Lindrea.

Tempy. 2nd Lieut.
H. J. Phillips.
Administrative Officer —  Act. Tempy. Capt. N. H. Godkin.
Signal Officer 
Medical Officer —  Lieut. D. M. de R. Winser, R.A.M.C.
Sergeant-Major —  Act. Sergt.-Maj. R. H. Hay.
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'48RM Cdo. Officers - Operation Infatuate'

Commanding Officer - Lt. Col. J.L. Moulton, DSO, RM.
Second in Command - Maj. D.H.W. Sanders RM.
Adjutant - Captain L.R. Grant RM (also SO).
IO - Lieut. Harold Smedley RM.
Chaplain - Revd. M.A.P. Wood DSC, RNVR
RSM - Sgt. Major C. H. Travers RM.
'A' Troop 'B' Troop
Capt. D. J. Flunder RM Capt. Edwin Dunn RM
Lieut. P.S. Collins RM Lieut. E.H. Thomas RM
Lieut. W.H. England RM (SAUDF) Lieut. P.H. Allbut RM
'X' Troop 'Y' Troop
Capt. R.G. Mackenzie MC RM Maj. D.R.W. de Stacpoole RM
Lieut. H.J. Phillips RM Lieut. S.L. Fouche RM (SAUDF)
  Lieut. H. B. Boreham RM
'Z' Troop 'S' Troop (Heavy Weapons)
Capt. J.T. Nuttall ( Devonshire Regt) Capt. T.G. Linnell RM
Lieut. J.J.E. Square RM Lieut. M.M. Aldworth RM
Lieut. C.B. Lindrea RM  
48 RM Commando - The Story 1944-1946.