No 7 Commando Nominal A - C

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 7 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Abrahams A T Pte 5949273   Beds & Herts
Adams W J Sgt 5828073   Suffolks
Alchin C Pte     East Surreys
Allen R Dvr 2591915   Royal Signals
Allison J Gnr 921805   Royal Artillery
Angus Alan Smille Dvr      
Appleyard John Geoffrey Lt (Major) 86639 DSO, MC* RASC /SOE / SSRF/ kia 2SAS
Arnold Douglas Pte 2932948   QOCH
Arslett C H Pte 5110553   Royal Warwicks
Ashford-Russell Brian Major 111708   Rasc
Astbury A E Cqms 918259   Royal Artillery
Atkin R L/Cpl 7896988   Cameronians
Atkinson J Cpl     East Surreys
Austin E P Pte 214964   RASC
Badger E A Bdr 898919   Royal Artillery
Baker J Pte 6020776   Suffolks
Barbour A Pte 5956234   Beds & Herts
Barker J Pte 6020776   Suffolks
Barkham Frederick Spencer Gnr 915214   Royal Artillery
Barnard J W Pte 6143343   East Surreys
Barnett E A L/Bdr 933008   Royal Artillery
Barwick A Pte 5504046   Hants
Bateman Kenneth Cpl 5572359   Wilts Regt/ME Cdo/SRS/1 SAS executed
Bateman R Fus 6457431   Royal Fusiliers
Bateman S G Bdr 930701   Royal Artillery
Beasley Frederick Cpl 3532735   Manchesters
Bell James        
Bell T H Pte 185054   RASC
Berry D Sgt 3445124   Lancs Fusiliers
Birch Frederick Cpl 2931860   Liverpool Scottish
Bird R D Pte 5828120   Suffolks
Bishop Frederick L/Cpl      
Black   Pte 5729322   Dorsets
Blake Gerald Coldman Pte 5501875   Hampshire Regt
Booker C L/Cpl 529301   Dorsets
Booth   Pte 2929371   Liverpool Scottish
Borthwick J T Fus 42735582   Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
Bourke John 'Jack' Cpl      
Boyce Adam Lcpl      
Boyes   Csm     Royal Artillery
Bradley J R Pte 4572870   Yorks & Lancs
Bristow William Frederick Gnr 927388   Royal Artillery
Britten William, Charles Pte 5109799   Royal Warwicks /  (PoW)
Broad H Pte 5435324   Duke Of Cornwalls Light Inf
Burch G H L/Cpl 6971028   Royal Berks
Burdett   Pte 2932684   Liverpool Scottish
Burford Norman Allen Cpl 5571232 MM R E
Burke Jack Pte     Liverpool Scottish
Bury Robin C.L. Lieut. 287459   CMP, kia SBS
Cadman D Sgt 1881635   R E
Cairns B Pte 3192140   Kosb
Campbell H A H Gnr 819088   Royal Artillery
Campbell R L/Bdr 1442866   Royal Artillery
Cannon P Mcd Gnr 919866   Royal Artillery
Cantley W J Cpl 1881409   R E
Carr B Sig 1498710   Royal Signals
Carr G H Sig 2577040   Royal Signals
Carr T Cpl 5382064   RAMC
Case Patrick Capt      
Cattell Charles Sydney Pte 6141548   East Surreys
Caudell R D L/Cpl 140951   RASC
Chadwick N S L/Cpl 3655756   South Lancs
Challis John William Gnr 849602   Royal Artillery
Chapman Charles Pte 3658109   South Lancs
Cheesman H A Pte 6145046   East Surreys
Child Alfred Robert Bdr 915218   Royal Artillery
Chisholm John Fowler Pte 3318170   Highland Light Inf
Clark W Cpl 318423   RAC
Clark   Capt     R A C D
Clarke   Pte      
Clay A Bdr 815069   Royal Artillery
Close C C L/Cpl 6207909   Middlesex Regt (PLKR)
Cockbill E J Pte 5257172   Worcesters
Colbeck John Vivian Capt 101039   R Tank Regt Rac
Colclough G D Pte 5726964   Dorset Regt
Colgrove Frederick Pte 5953029   Beds & Herts
Collingwood F Pte 4454313   Wiltshires
Collins   Pte 2029462   Liverpool Scottish
Colvin Felix Beale Lt Col 78288 MiD Dorsets
Corps T H Gnr 861127   Royal Artillery
Cottam Walter William Pte 3769228   Liverpool Scot
Cowie A D Gnr 884272   Royal Artillery
Cowper A B Spr 2077985   R E
Cox Charles Frederick (WAG) Pte 5950061   Beds & Herts
Crampton Jack Barraclough Lcpl     R E
Crew J W Sgt 5947714   Beds & Herts
Crooke Alexander Bdr 6209077   Royal Artillery
Crosbie J Pte 3190340   KOSB
Crosby Alfred, John Pte 3771804    King's Regt
Crowe Wilfred R Capt     RAMC
Cruickshank J Spr 1877776   R E