'Casualties at Bell Isle'

27/28 January 1945
45 RM Commando sent a fighting patrol to Anchor island and Bell Isle.  Anchor island was not held but the patrol ran into violent opposition on Bell island.  The patrol withdrew after inflicting heavy casualties and suffering 30 casualties itself  [Source: 1 Commando Bde HQ War Diary].

Casualty List from the No.45RM Commando War Diary
Missing Wounded
Maj. R.H.W. KIRBY, RM Lt. A. TATE, RM (remaining on duty
Lt. P.S. WINSTON, RM (died) EX. 3449  Mne. J. COLE
Lt. J. ALVEY, RM CH/X 111445  Mne. D. GAYLER
EX. 4120 Cpl. J. DUCHAN (died) EX. 4260  Sgt. C.J. TAYLOR
PO/X. 116432 Cpl. J.H. LAING (died) PO/X. 4113  C/Sgt. A. BROWN, MM
CH/X. 112115 Mne. R.C. ATKINSON EX. 4217  Cpl. A. FORSTER
CH/X. 109867 LCpl. H. MCNULTY (died) PLYX107137  Mne. E.H. CARTER
EX. 3472 LCpl. W. PURVIS (died) CH/X102026  Mne. H. HANNAH
PO/X. 120590  Mne. D.P. SWEET (died) PLYX111736  Mne. K.G. JONES
PO/X. 3301  LCpl. J. THAIN 5671091  Pte. T.S. LINDSAY, RAMC
EX. 3481  Mne. J. TIMMINS (died) EX. 3923  LCpl. J. TAYLOR
CH/X. 101138  Mne. F. WILD (died) CH/X104676  Mne. W. MELLISH
CH/X. 3718  Mne. A.G. MARTIN  
PO/X. 1969  Mne. F.T. POWELL  
CH/X. 104331  Mne. C. MOSLEY (died)  
PO/X. 111878  Mne. R. SYMES (died)  
CH/X. 3892  Mne. S.J. EASTER  
Also seen referred to as Belle Isle, Belle Island, or Bell Island. Capt John Day MC 45RM refers to the island being named by the Allies because of its shape. Location is near Roermond.