About the Commando Veterans Archive

The Commando Veterans Archive website is a not for profit online source of free information about Commandos who have served since their formation in 1940. The website team consists of three people - two sons and one grandson of WW2 Army Commandos. It is owned, funded, managed, and updated independently of any Association.


Website Owner, Manager  & Technical
Responsible for all matters on website policy or technical issues.
  • John Mewett and his son Dan Mewett.
Website Content Manager
Responsible for all new content additions or ammendments and general administration.

Research Enquiries
  • Read the section on Research Tips before you contact us.  
  • You should register on the forum to make a family research enquiry on any individual or commando unit. Alternatively you can contact the Content Manager..
  • For all other matters you can send a message below on our Contact Form.

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