30 Assault Unit RM Officers, Oct.'44

Extract from the Navy Lists - Quarterly - October 1944
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
Navy Lists Volume 2 Page 1106.  (page 262 on N.L.S. website page list)
Commanding Officer —  
Staff Officer — 
Act. Tempy. Capt. C. R. Lamb.
Intelligence Officer —  
Act. Tempy. Capt. G. H. E. Bailey.
Majors — 
Act. Tempy. Maj. A. L. Evans.

Captains  —
Tempy. Capt.
T. C. Salmons.
J. C. Lessing, S.A.U.D.F.

Act. Capt.
J. R. Douglas.

Act. Tempy. Capt.
J. S. Hargreaves-Heap.
K. G. G. MacGregor.
C. H. Cunningham.
G. Pike.
C. S. Baker.
W. Hamling.
S. A. Ryder.
Lieutenants  —

Sergeant-Major — 
Tempy. Sergt.-Maj. A. F. Jacobs.