No 7 Commando Nominal I - O

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 7 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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CA followed by a number = entry in a Commando Association newsletter.
LL followed by a number = entry in Commando Association Lost Legion List.
CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
WO = War Office file at the National Archives
Ibbetson R T L/Bdr 914872   Royal Artillery
Ingram E A Cpl 1878535   R E
Jamieson J C Pte 2933872   Liverpool Scottish
Jeffs A Pte 5504715   Hants
Jessiman John Russell LSgt 1468628   RA/ME Cdo/SRS/1SAS executed
Johnson Stan Cpl      
Jones G W Gnr 1545477   Royal Artillery
Jones John, J.  Jack Pte 2933682   Liverpool Scots, (CA105)
Kandall W E Tpr 402039   RAC
Kaufman I I Pte 6098454   Queens
Keenan J Pte      
Kendall J W E L/Cpl 2327604   East Kents
Kendall William Edward Sgt 402039   RAC/L Det/1SAS died natural causes  
King T J Pte 5191561   Gloucesters
Kingsnorth R H L/Cpl 5572477   Wiltshires
Kinross J M 2/Lt 13000   Cameronians
Kirkup K C Pte 3189636   KOSB
Knapton R.A. 'Dick'       East Surreys ( & WO1 at 1SSD)
Kyle B R Pte 3315134   Highland Light Inf
Laing W D F Lt     Royal Fusiliers
Laley W P L/Bdr 5384244   Royal Artillery
Lambert Joseph W Fus 3714345   Lancs Fusiliers
Lavery J P Pte 3318060   Highland Light Inf
Le Butt Paul Capt      
Leech John 'Jack' Ernest   5948937   Beds & Herts
Liddy Keith       Beds & Herts
Lilley H Gnr 950256   Royal Artillery
Lindsay J L/Cpl 3319495   Highland Light Inf
Lister Dudley Stuart Maj   MC East Kents
Lister E Pte     Highland Light Inf
Lister   Lt Col   MC  
Lockwood J F Pte 5776217   Norfolks
Loveridge N S Pte 5724856   Dorsets
Lysons R W Pte 5111965   Royal Warwicks
Maccarthy-Morrogh   Lt      
Macdonald   Pte      
Mackey   Lt      
Mackie W L/Cpl 3247568   R E
Mallet J Cpl 5333348   Royal Berks
Malone E Pte 7022315   Royal Ulster Rifles
Mann N A Cpl 3773436   Kings
March-Phillips Gus Capt 39184 DSO, MC Royal Artillery
Marshall T G L/Cpl 3244576   Highland Light Inf
Mathewman J L/Cpl     RASC
Maxey Edward (TED) Cpl      
Maxwell K H Lt 87670   Liverpool Scottish
Mcarthur Ray A (KID) Pte 6013412   Suffolks
Mcclone Alfred Rfn 3240718   Cameronians
Mcconville Maurice Cpl 5947918   Beds & Herts
Mcduff W H Spr 1881133   R E
Mcfee   Sgt 14772257   Royal Artillery
Mcgeachey E Pte 3245800   Cameronians
Mchugh G T L/Cpl 2929358   Liverpool Scottish
Mckee Peter McIntyre Hugh Tsm 1477227   Royal Artillery
Mclean D Gnr 898731   Royal Artillery
Mcmutrie W V Gnr 906239   Royal Artillery
Mcneill J R Spr 2069189   R E
Mcness A Tpr 7887725   RAC
Mcshane C H E Pte 57244665   Dorsets
Meedley G A Spr 1888651   R E
Meister D M Pte 117289   RASC
Milligan John RSM 2927484   Liverpool Scottish
Mills C E Pte 5827821   Cambridgeshires
Mills John Lt      
Milner H L/Cpl 3653894   South Lancs
Milton   Major     Royal Fusiliers
Mitchell G Pte     East Surreys
Mitchener J Pte 5500217   Hants
Monaghen G S Cpl 2928457   QOCH
Mount   Lt     A/Tank 129 Inf Bde
Moxey E E Cpl 5949820   Beds & Herts
Murray E G Sgt 2930808   Liverpool Scottish
Murray J Pte 3313065   Highland Light Inf
Murray W M Pte 377721   Kings
Mutter A R Lt 73448   Wiltshires
Mycock George R N Gnr 904853   Royal Artillery
Neaves J M Gnr 924941   Royal Artillery
Neill William Will Cpl 3127276   Royal Scots Fusiliers
Nevett   Lcpl 3534581   Manchester Regt
Nicholls J Capt 5123   RASC
Nicholls Frank Raymond Jocelyn Capt 71042 MiD Royal Artillery
Nicholson Jack Sgt   DCM, MM  
Nolting F G Sgt 6209694   Middlesex Regt (PLKR)
Norman M L/Cpl      
Norton James Pte      
Ogden-Smith Colin Malcolm Lt      
Owen   Lt     Manchester Regt