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"Your website is fantastic and has given me a very real and very sad insight into how these incredible men fought for us". Jill, Jan.2024.

"Thank you for your great website. I realise as a volunteer in a museum the amount of work and time it takes to make it work." Frédéric, Aug.2023.

"Thank you for this amazing website." John, June 2023.

"Thanks again for the hard work for producing all this. Great site. Keep up the great work." Clarke, June 2023.

"Many congratulations on your site, which is a fine tribute to a group of very courageous souls, and a great resource for families etc." Jane, Feb. 2023.

"Fantastic archive, really informative." Phil, Jan. 2023.

"Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate you doing that. It’s a lovely tribute to my grandad." Eiley, Sept. 2022.

"Thank you so much for posting my Dad's postcard from 1941. It means such a lot to me and that these wonderful men are remembered for the sacrifices they made so many decades ago." Jeffrey, Sept.2022.

"Thank you very much. To have this is absolutely amazing. It puts many pieces together." Debbie, Jun. 2022. 

"Well done for such a brilliant tribute with your website." Alexandra, May 2022.

"May I congratulate you on such a fantastic resource that this site is for family, friends and historians alike. Thank you." Jason, March 2022.

"I am certainly most grateful for all the hard work and  time put into this site to make it such a beautiful historical record. The Commandos deserve to be recognised in such a way, especially those who didn't make it home." Paul, Jan. 2022.

"I will be citing and recommending your site. I hadn't found it before doing this research and I think it's absolutely first class." Simon, Nov. 2021.

"I spent some time today looking at different pages on the site. I am very impressed with the amount of information that it has on all topics." Denise, Sept. 2021.

"I am glad Dad’s photo now sits with his Commando record.  His days in the commandos were some of the happiest in his life. With thanks again and best wishes." Gordon, August 2021.

"I have been researching my great grandfather and thanks to this site I have been able to get a lot of information out to my family that they never knew existed so I appreciate everything you do." Garry, April 2021.

"I have just had a read of your website and you have an incredible history of service." Chas, April 2021.

"Thank you very much. What an excellent site." Paul, March 2021.

"Excellent site."  Doug, March 2021.

"My dad would have been so excited about your website, and I'm sure I'm not the only descendant of a commando who appreciates your efforts." Barbara, Feb. 2021.

"Thank you. The good work you do is much appreciated." Sandra, Jan. 2021.

"Many thanks the family have all seen it and are really pleased we have a good record saved on your excellent site." Adrian, Nov. 2020.

"Thanks to your amazing help I now know that my Dad was in No.40 Royal Marine Commando. How lovely to see the photos posted in the gallery." Linda, July 2020. 

"This is a fascinating website - thank you for enabling everyone to access it - we much appreciate it, thank you." Debby, June 2020.

"It makes me so proud to see my grandfather's name on your website, thank you for this." Douglas, June 2020.

"A sincere thank you for your prompt replies and actions, its made me very happy to see my father added to the nominal roll and gallery." Allan, May 2020.

"Great site and a really fitting tribute to those who served to preserve our freedom." Neil, May 2020.

"I never anticipated a response so soon... and one that would lead us to the most incredible photos of Tommy." Abbie, May 2020.

"You have created an extremely valuable resource - congratulations." John, March 2020.

"Just found your site WOW, speechless info. Many thanks great work."  Clive, Nov. 2019.

“I came to your website to explore my family history where I found a photograph of the grave stone of Reginald Roy Philips from the Bari Cemetery. So I would just love to thank you for that. Your website is wonderful and I deeply appreciate the photograph.” Lauren, July 2019.

"I have discovered your wonderful and meticulous Roll of Honour with my Father listed. Thank you for all your work." Stephen, July 2019.

"The history I have gleaned from your input and this page touches my heart truly." Andrea, July 2019.

“Thanks for adding all the information to your site it will give others a good understanding of what happens to the soldiers and families through these troubled times..” Mike, June 2019.

“Thank you so much for your superbly efficient response to my request to include a photograph - it only took one brief hour and the photo pinged up.”  Janet, May 2019.

“I was quite astonished with your ROH training death list - I was aware of a number of training incidents that had caused deaths but had no idea it was so many.”  Dave, April 2019.

“I had not been aware of the document giving the history of SBS and its references to COPP shown in your excellent gallery.” Andrew, April 2019.

“Thank you.  My Father would be proud to be posted up among his mates.” Clive, March 2019.

“Its good to see an old Oppo remembered properly.” Roy, March 2019.

“Just like to say many thanks for the help I have received from the site when looking into my fathers Commando past.”  Tom, Feb.2019.

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