47 Commando (Raiding Group) RM

47 Commando (Raiding Group) Royal Marines is the lead for amphibious warfare and Royal Navy board and search training. The group is tasked with training and developing core amphibious and surface assault skills and equipment.
This unit was renamed in November 2019 from the previous 1 Assault Group Royal Marines.  [Source: Royal Navy/MOD]

539 Raiding Squadron RM

539 Assault Squadron was renamed 539 Raiding Squadron Royal Marines in November 2019. This Unit is a vital link in the Corps' chain, allowing 3 Commando Brigade to transfer onto land from the sea or river. It can operate amphibious Viking vehicles to deliver force into territories.

The unit served with distinction in Iraq's Al Faw peninsula during operations in the last decade, but it has also operated around the world with the Royal Navy's amphibious ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark and the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean.

Throughout the summer of 2012 the unit contributed to the Royal Navy’s role in Olympic security. It was one of the Commando units taking part in the Cougar 2012 amphibious deployment to the Mediterranean.

[Source: Royal Navy/MOD]