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ALLEN, John Duncan

On the 9th July 1943 the then Sergeant John Duncan Allen was awarded the George Medal in recognition of conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner. This was awarded for "saving a life in a rock climbing accident in Gibraltar." [1]
He had previously received a MiD whilst a Lance Sergeant for "gallant and distinguished services in successful combined operations against the enemy at Vaagso and Maaloy." [2]


RSM Tom Beardmore No 9 Commando
RSM Tom Beardmore No 9 Commando
Regimental Sergeant Major Tom Beardsmore was killed during operations at Mount Ornito and Monte Faito, Italy.
Before the war commenced, whilst a Lance Corporal with the 2nd Bn., North Staffs.,  he was amongst a group of service personnel whose names were brought to notice by the General Officer Commanding the British Forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan, in recognition of distinguished services rendered in connection with the operations in Palestine during the period, 12th September, 1937 to 31st March, 1938.

BEVIS, Kenneth John

Petty Officer Kenneth Bevis was killed in Italy. He received a posthumous MiD for "distinguished service in operations carried out in the face of determined opposition from the enemy which led to the capture of the island of Elba."

At the time of his death RN Commandos were involved in the operation to liberate the enemy held island of Elba, codenamed Operation Brassard.

BLACK, James William

Company Sergeant Major James Black was awarded the MM for bravery, skill and devotion to duty whilst serving with the Allied Forces during the campaign in the Low Countries, over a period from January to April, 1945 [1].

He also received a MiD in 1945 for good services while operating with the 21st Army Group. [2].

BLISSETT, Harry Harold

Maj. Blissett 2 commando
Major Blissett served as a Captain in No 4 Independent Company and No 2 Commando. He was appointed Brigade Major in the 1st Special Service Bde in preparation for DDay.  In 1945 he received a MiD for "gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36994, page 1558.)

BRADLEY, Arthur John

Sgt. Bradley was killed during operations at Normandy.

On the 6th October 1942 it was announced that he had received a MiD, along with others, for "bravery, endurance and sustained devotion to duty in H.M. Ships Aurora, Avon Vale, Lance, Legion, Kingston, Penelope, and at Malta, during and after the passage of an important Convoy."  (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 35733, page4353.)

BREAM, George Leonard

Captain Leonard George Bream

George Leonard Bream, or 'Percy', as he was known in the Corps, was born on June 1st 1919 in the hamlet of Buckworth, Huntingdonshire. He was the middle son of a a family of six, his father being a farm labourer. After leaving school with a basic education he moved to his eldest sister's home in Luton where he at first worked as a market trader, and then in a gent's outfitters. In 1938 with talk of trouble in Europe he joined The Royal Marines. In 1944 he joined the newly formed 48RM Commando after successfully completing his training at the Commando Basic Training Centre at Achnacarry.


Tpr. Brown was shot and killed whilst a prisoner of war and attempting to escape.
On the 2nd February 1941 he was posted from the Yorkshire Hussars to the "Depot Commando Training and Holding Unit."  This Depot came into being mid December 1940 and was formally established at Geneifa beside the Great Bitter Lake under the command of Maj. D.W. Melville MC on the 25th January 1941. Its role to provide training and reinforcements for 50, 51, and 52 Commandos who were all deployed at the time, and also as a Holding Unit for Commandos.

BROWN, Robert, F.

Lance Corporal Robert F. Brown received a MiD in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field.
London Gazettes Supp. 377787, page 5606 & Supp. 39355, page 5284 (errata).

BURTINSHAW, Robert James Glover

Lt Burtinshaw was killed during the raid at St Nazaire. He was one of the commando contingent on HMS Campbeltown and OIC of a demolition team.
He received a posthumous MiD for his "gallant and distinguished services in action against the enemy during the raid."
Sources: London Gazettes Supp. 37162; Page: 3494 and Supp. 37629; Page: 3273 (errata).

BUSCALL, John Allan

Capt Buscall RM

Capt. John Buscall died whilst serving at the Commando School RM. [1]

In 1942 the then PLY/X 561 Sgt John Allan Buscall RM was promoted Lieutenant. [2] 

In August 1943 on their formation, he joined 46RM Commando and served with with 'Z' troop of 46RM Commando. [3]

He received a MID for distinguished services in NW Europe whilst Lieutenant (Acting Major). [4]

CLARK, Ian Campbell

Lieutenant Ian Clark was killed during a cross border operation to Sajingan Besar * in Indonesia. He received a posthumous MiD for distinguished services in support of operations.
The operation, codenamed Lively Cricket,  was against Indonesian forces who had been mortaring the 42 Commando base at Kampung Biawak, in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Also killed in this operation
Marine Thomas Collins.

CORRY, Samuel David

Captain Corry was killed during operations at Dieppe.
He had also been Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in successful combined operations against the enemy at Vaagso and Maaloy.
(Source: LG Publication date: 31 March 1943; Supplement: 35510: Page: 1506.)

COUPE, Leonard

LSgt. Coupe was killed during an operation against German forces in the wadis near the Anzio beachhead.
He received a posthumous MiD in recognition of "gallant and distinguished services in Italy." (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36886, page 318.)

COUSINS, Terence Frederick

Capt. Cousins 47RMCommando
Capt. Cousins was killed during operations at Normandy.
He received a posthumous MiD for his gallantry and leadership whilst attacking an enemy bunker at Port-en-Bessin during which he was killed. There is a memorial at this location in his memory. (Award source: London Gazettes Supp. 36979, page 1386.)


Lance Corporal John Cramer, RAMC attached to No. 9 Commando, received a MiD in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy in 1944 [1]

The following year in 1945 it was announced that he had been further awarded the MM for his gallantry in Italy [2].

[1] London Gazettes Supp. 36668, page 3935, 24 August 1944.
[2] London Gazettes Supp. 37235, page 4270, 23 August 1945.


RQMS Ron Crippin 2 Commando
Ron Crippin, then a Corporal in the HQ troop, took part in the raid at St Nazaire. He sailed on board ML 447 and was evacuated back to the UK.  He was awarded the BEM ( Military Division) "in recognition of distinguished services during the raid". (1)
He had previously seen action with 2 Ind. Coy., in May 1940 at Bodo, Norway, as part of Scissor Force. (2)
He received a MiD for " gallant and distinguished services in Italy" whilst RQMS with No 2 Commando.(3)

DAVIES, John Charles

Troop Sergeant Major John Davies, 'Y' troop, was killed during the period his Commando were engaged in operations at the River Aller near Hademstorf. 
He received a posthumous MiD for "good services with the 21st Army Group."


Sub Lieutenant Alan Davis  was killed in Italy [1]. He received a posthumous MiD for "distinguished service in operations carried out in the face of determined opposition from the enemy which led to the capture of the island of Elba."[2]

De STACPOOLE, Derek Roderick

Major Derek Roderick de Stacpoole, 'Y' troop,  was shot and killed during operations at Walcheren.He had earler been wounded during the Normandy landings rejoining the Commando and taking part in operations at Dozule in August.
He received a MiD for " good service while operating with 21st Army Group."

DUNCAN, George Ian Alistair

Lieutenant George Duncan served in No 11 Commando. We have a possible photo of him in our gallery which we would like verified by family in due course.

His gallantry medals were awarded after leaving the Commando and whilst he was further attached to the Special Boat Section *.

In addition there is reference in a book to a Lt Duncan MC as being a prisoner of war in Camp 21, Chiete, Italy in 1943. **

EMSLIE, Hamish Brian

Hamish Brian Emslie, a former Captain in the Royal Marines, was killed in a rocket propelled grenade attack whilst serving as a Major with the Northern Frontier Regiment of the Sultan of Oman Armed Forces.
Earlier, whilst a Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, he was awarded the Military Cross for "Distinguished Service in operations in Malaya".
[Source: London Gazette supp. 39215 published on the 27 April 1951. Page 3.]

FROST, Henry Shelmerdine

Captain Frost was killed during operations in Eritrea when leading a patrol up a steep gulley running South from Beit Gabru to harass enemy positions. 
(Source: Account by Lt. Col. Cator in Middle East Commandos by Charles Messenger.)
Keren War Cemetery
Keren was the last Italian stronghold in Eritrea and the scene of the most decisive battle of the war in East Africa in February and March 1941. (Source:CWGC.)

FYNN, Francis West (Lt Col)

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Fynn 2 commando
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Fynn 2 Commando
Lieutenant Colonel Francis West Fynn became the Commanding Officer of No 2 Commando from June 1944 after Lt Col Churchill was taken prisoner of war. 
A former Lance Sergeant in the Royal Artillery T.A., he was appointed Second Lieutenant on the 23rd December 1939 [1]. On the 11th July 1942 the then Lieutenant Fynn was posted from the RA to the Gordon Highlanders [2]


Mne. George was killed during operations at Normandy.
He received a MiD for "good services with the 21st Army group."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 37251, page 4441.)


Lieutenant John Godwin, 14 Commando
Lieutenant John Godwin, a veteran of Operation Crackers * [view],  was an Argentinian in the RNVR.  He was Commanding Officer of the raiding party at Kopervik, Norway (Op. Checkmate). After the raid he was taken prisoner, taken initially to Haugesund, and later executed at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. 

HAUSMANN, Fritz Sigmund

Fritz Hausmann alias Fred Houseman 2 Commando

Fritz Sigmund Hausmann was born in Bingen Am Rhein, April 27th 1921. He was a German Jew who at age 13, fled Germany alone and went to school in Palestine. When he was of age he enlisted and did his basic training in Sarafend, Palestine and he then joined the 462 RASC. On May 1st, 1943 he was on board the Erinpura, which was attacked and sunk in the Mediterranean with heavy loss of life. Having survived the sinking, he joined No.

HAWKINS, Kenneth Scott

Company Sergeant Major Kenneth Hawkins was awarded the MM for leadership, gallantry and devotion to duty while serving with Royal Marine Commandos in Italy [1].

He also received a MiD for gallant and distinguished service while operating with the Army in Italy [2].

HILL, Henry William

Henry William Hill 40RM Commando
Sgt. Hill was killed during operations at Lake Comacchio. He received his MiD for "gallant and distinguished service while operating with the Army in Italy."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36676, page 4010.)

HOPSON, Donald Charles

Donald Charles Hopson
Donald Hopson was commissioned into the Lancashire Fusiliers which later converted to an armoured unit of the Royal Armoured Corps. He served in No 3 Commando and 1 Commando Brigade in both Italy and NW Europe . His last rank whilst in the Commando was T/Major.
Post war he had a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service. He held posts of Ambassador to countries such as Laos, China, Venezuela, and Argentina. He was subsequently knighted.

HUMBLE, William McLean

LSgt Humble served in 5 troop of No 2 Commando.
Citation for the Military Medal:
Gulf of Salerno 13th September 1943
On September 9th on the Salerno Road, Pte Humble engaged at 100yds an advancing Mk111 Special enemy tank which was shelling the house from which Pte Humble was sniping.


Private James Humphreys was killed during operations in North Africa. He received a MiD for gallant and distinguished services in North Africa.

London Gazette Supplement 36180 page 4227.


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