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ADAMS, Alan Maclean

Corporal Alan Adams received the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in Northern Ireland [1].
  • Appointed M.B.E. (Military Division)(rank Warrant Officer Class 1) in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Northern Ireland  2004/5 [2].
  • Short Service Commission (late entry) Regular Army Intelligence Corps - 12 January 2005 Alan Maclean Adams (563268) to be Captain on probation (formerly Royal Marines) [3].

ALLAN, Brian Gavin

Sergeant Brian Allan was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Northern Ireland during the period 1st April to 30th September 2003.
London Gazette Supp. 57269, page 5129.


Marine Neil Bewley was shot and killed during operations in Turf Lodge, Belfast, Northern Ireland. [Source:  AFM ROH / Northern Ireland - An Agony Continued author Ken Wharton.]

CUTTING, Robert Steven

Gnr Robert Cutting 29 Commando

Gunner Robert Cutting, aged 18, from Blackley Manchester, was shot dead at 4am whilst on foot patrol at the junction of Lepper Street and Stratheden Street, in the New Lodge area of Belfast. This was a blue on blue incident.

A chronology of the Northern Ireland Conflict September- October 1972 entitled The Troubles issue 17 describes the tragic incident and states a Marine was also seriously injured after 2 patrols mistook each other for gunmen.


Marine Adam Gilbert was the victim of an accidental shooting when his patrol tried to stop a stolen car at a checkpoint on the New Lodge Road, Belfast.
[Source: AFM ROH / / Northern Ireland - An Agony Continued author Ken Wharton.]

HAYES, William David

Corporal William Hayes received the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Northern Ireland during the period 1st April to 31st July 2007.
London Gazette Supp. 58633, page 3611.

JAMES, Kevin Michael

Corporal Kevin James was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal in recognition of service in Northern Ireland during the period 1st August to 31st October 1978 [1].
In 1982 Sergeant James Q.G.M. received a Mention in Despatches for his service during operations in the South Atlantic [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 47804, page 4057.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 49134, page 12843.


Colour Sergeant Alan Jones was awarded the B.E.M. (Military Division), on the 12th June 1976 [1]. He was later awarded a Bar to the British Empire Medal (Military Division) in recognition of meritorious service in Northern Ireland during the period 1st November 1976 - 31st January 1977 [2].
[1] London Gazette Supp. 46919, page 8037.
[2] London Gazette Supp. 47258, page 8411.


Marine James Macklin was fatally wounded whilst on patrol in North Belfast .

Extract from the Birmingham Daily Post - Friday 29 March 1974

Marine James Macklin. aged 28, who was wounded in a terrorist ambush a week ago, died last night in a Belfast hospital. He was shot in the head in Belfast's Antrim Road when gunmen operating from both sides of the street raked a vehicle carrying a patrol from 42 Commando Royal Marines. His mother was flown from her home in Milton, Glasgow. to his bedside and was with him when he died.*

MERCHANT, Jeremy Mark

Captain Jeremy Mark Merchant was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Afghanistan during the period 1st October 2001 to 31st March 2002 [1].
On the 14th May 1991 it was announced that Corporal (now Acting Sergeant) Jeremy Mark Merchant, Royal Marines, P038781S, had received a MiD in record of distinguished service in Northern Ireland [2].
Promoted Major 12 October 2004 [3].

MOORE, John Jeremy

Major General John Jeremy Moore served as the commander of the British land forces during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • Lieutenant - awarded the M.C., for gallant and distinguished service with 3 Commando Brigade in Malaya during the period 1st January to 30th June, 1952 [1].
  • Captain - awarded a Bar to the M.C., for gallant and distinguished service in operations in Brunei during the period 8th to 23rd December 1962 [2].

PICKUP, Richard Alan

Col Richard Pickup SBS

Colonel Richard Pickup died suddenly whilst posted as a defence advisor in Pretoria South Africa.

Richard Allan Pickup joined the Royal Marines in 1983 after university and was awarded the Sword of Honour at the CTCRM. After operational deployments to Northern Ireland and training in the Arctic, he was selected for Special Forces training and joined the SBS, later commanding the unit from 2000 until 2004 when he was appointed commander of the UK Forces in Kosovo. 

He also led the task force which spearheaded the British campaign in Afghanistan.

REED, Derek Bernard

Sergeant Derek Reed, attached to 652 Squadron, Army Air Corps, was killed with three other NCOs, by a booby trap bomb, as they got into their car outside the Knock-na-Moe Hotel in Omagh.
[Source: AFM ROH /]

REID, William George

Colour Sergeant William Reid was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Northern Ireland.
London Gazette Supp. 57070, page 12063 published 30 September 2003.

SHAW, John Joseph

Mne John Shaw 40 Commando
Marine John Shaw died [1] in Northern Ireland as a result of a traffic accident. The death is recorded @[2] below as being in highly suspicious circumstances [2].  
[2] / Manchester Evening News 17/5/2010.

STANSFIELD, Christian John

Marine Christian Stansfield, RMR Merseyside, collapsed and died of natural causes during a training mission in Norway. Christian joined the Royal Marines at the age of 17 and had served three tours of duty in Northern Ireland as well as a spell in Afghanistan.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Blackpool Gazette online report dated 16 Jan 2004.]

SWAIN, Ivor William

Sgt Swain 29 Commando

Sergeant Ivor Swain died during operations in Northern Ireland.

Ivor Swain was a well respected Sgt in 8 Alma Commando Battery, 29 Commando RA. He was killed when his Land Rover patrol was called out to investigate a reported incident. They drove into a blacked out articulated lorry which had been deliberately parked across the road with a white stripe painted up the side so that it looked like the road itself.*

* James Walton, 95&29 Cdo.

WHEDDON, Gareth Christopher

Marine Gareth Wheddon was injured by an IRA bomb near Crossmaglen, Co.Armagh, Northern Ireland on the 9th November and died of his wounds 3 days later at Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast. 
[Sources: AFM ROH / / Northern Ireland - An Agony Continued author Ken Wharton.]

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