Commando Actions

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Operation Detained 11


Solta (formerly part of Yugoslavia)
43° 23' 13.1748" N, 16° 17' 15.0756" E
Monday, May 8, 1944

An Allied force of Yugoslav Partisans landed on Solta accompanied by Lieutenant Freeman and his signallers from No 2. After a sweep of the island for enemy forces they departed on the 10th.

Operation Foxhound


Dalmatian Islands
42° 44' 51.9756" N, 17° 30' 54.0504" E
Monday, May 22, 1944

A large scale raid on the 22/23rd May involving No 2 (Army) Commando, 43RM Commando, and one troop from 40RM Commando, on Miljet Island. 

'Battle for Port-en-Bessin'


Port en Bessin
49° 20' 55.2804" N, 0° 45' 18.8676" W
Tuesday, June 6, 1944

Professor John Forfar took part in the BBC programme 'Destination D-Day: The Raw Recruits', and wrote this account of his commando's D-Day experiences as Medical Officer for 47RM Commando. He went on to write an excellent book about 47RM Commando called 'From Omaha to the Scheldt.


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