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'Operation Blackcock'

Sunday, August 15, 1943

Operation Blackcock was a British amphibious landing to take Scaletta on the north-east coast of Sicily. Planned by Lieutenant General Sir Miles Dempsey’s XIII Corps, of General Sir Bernard Montgomery’s 8th Army, the operation was designed as one of a pair of Allied operations to cut off the last elements of the German forces trying to fall back to their evacuation point at Messina in north-eastern Sicily.

Operation Ferdy


Vibo Valentia
38° 40' 32.7972" N, 16° 5' 54.0564" E
Wednesday, September 8, 1943

40RM Commando and two troops of 3 Commando were engaged on this amphibious dawn landing at Vibo Valentia, known at the time as Porto San Venere, on the southern tip of Italy.  The following day 'X' troop of 40RM Commando entered the neighbouring town of Pizzo (The Green Beret by Hilary St George Saunders).

Operation Devon


42° 0' 0" N, 15° 0' 0" E
Sunday, October 3, 1943

Amongst the Allied forces taking part were No 3 Army Commando, 40RM Commando, and the Special Raiding Squadron (SAS). They captured Termoli, thus unhinging the German defensive position along the river Bifurno. The enemy counter-attacked violently. For a time confusion reigned and the situation was critical, but the great steadiness of the Commando troops under Lt Col. Durnford-Slater, saved the town.

Operation Premium


52° 8' 31.4304" N, 4° 19' 15.942" E
Sunday, February 27, 1944

A raid on the Dutch coast near Wassenaar on 27/28 February 1944 by a small group of Commandos from No. 10 Inter Allied Commando who had embarked at Great Yarmouth on MTB 682.  

9 Commando - Anzio landing


41° 26' 58.542" N, 12° 37' 11.01" E
Friday, March 3, 1944

On the 20th January 1944 the first landings were made, meeting very slight opposition. On the 25th January the Commando was withdrawn from the beach-head and returned to Bacoli. No 9 Commando's second landing at Anzio took place on the 3rd March 1944.

This operation can best be described in this account by Major Les Callf MC and bar who was at the time Captain commanding 5 Troop, No.9 Commando:

'Operation Screwdriver'


20° 41' 26.9988" N, 92° 24' 20.0016" E
Saturday, March 11, 1944

A raid from the sea on the the village of Alethangyaw ( also spelt as Alethankyaw  ) and the surrounding areas near to Maungdaw to harrass the enemy. The initial assault was made by 44RM Commando. They were relieved on the 15th March by No 5 Commando.  On the 21st March 44RM Commando again returned to this operation in the area which continued into April.

Operation Detained 1


(formerly part of Yugoslavia)
Grohote, Island of Solta
43° 23' 30.3864" N, 16° 17' 10.6872" E
Saturday, March 18, 1944

An attack on the German held village of Grohote in the Damatian Island of Solta. The assault involved two Landing Craft Infantry (LCI), one from Vis and the other from Komiza. A spare LCI from Komiza accompanied them. Each towed a Landing Craft Assault (LCA).  The RAF also provided aerial support to the Commandos consisting of 36 Kittyhawk dive bombers. The raid was successful and the Commandos later evacuated back to thier base at Vis with the entire German garrison of over 100 soldiers as prisoners.


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