Commando Actions

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Operation Claymore


Lofoten Islands
68° 10' 0.012" N, 13° 45' 0" E
Tuesday, March 4, 1941

The Force consisted of Nos. 3 and 4 Commando, approximately 50 Royal Engineers, and a group from the Free Norwegian Forces. They were transported on board two converted ships, the Princess Beatrix and the Queen Emma, now loaded with LCA's or Landing Craft Assault vessels. Leaving from, and returning to Scapa Flow, they were escorted by 5 Royal Navy destroyers

Operation Exporter


Litani River
33° 20' 20.0004" N, 35° 14' 43.0008" E
Sunday, June 8, 1941

The original objective assigned to C Battalion "Layforce" (11 Scottish Commando) was to land on two beaches to the north of the River Litani and one to the south, seize and hold the Qasmiye bridge over it until relieved by 21 Australian Infantry Brigade.

A Raid on the Messina to Palermo railway


38° 1' 19.6896" N, 14° 11' 7.9656" E
Friday, August 29, 1941
On the night of 29th/30th August, 1941, a small party of Commandos, led by Lt. Dudley Schofield, landed from the submarine 'Triumph' of the 10th Submarine Flotilla (operating from Malta), and successfully demolished one and a half spans of a bridge carrying the main Messina to Palermo Railway.  

Log Book HMS Triumph 30 Aug.1941

Operation Chopper


Luc sur Mer
49° 19' 3.9576" N, 0° 21' 20.4516" W
Sunday, September 28, 1941

Sixty five commandos of 5 Troop No1 Commando took part in twin raids against the coast of Northern France, code named Operations Chopper and Deepcut.

One section led by Captain Tom Hemmimg landed at Luc sur Mer (Chopper) and suffered a number of casualties including two killed, Pte. Elwyn Edwards and LCpl Cyril Evans.  

The other section led by Lieut. Scaramanga  landed at St Vaast Bay (Deepcut) and ambushed a German cycle patrol.


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