Dutch Forces
Died : 
Sunday, October 29, 1944
Killed in action or died of wounds

Cpl. Berkley, who had served with 2 (Dutch) troop of the Commando, was killed during operations with the Prinses Irene Brigade.

The following is an extract from the Prinses Irene Brigade website, "On Wednesday 25th October 1944 at about 7.00 hrs, the 46th Brigade of the 15th Scottish Division advanced from Oirschot on to the eastern side of Tilburg. In the mean time Fighting Unit II of the Princess Irene Brigade tried to, from the south moving on to Hilvarenbeek, force a breakthrough at Broekhoven. This place served as a basis for the actual charge on Tilburg. At the small river Oude Ley the Germans had set up an advance defense line and had good armour defence material at their disposal. Because of enemy fire and the marshy and very open terrain , the tanks couldn't advance. Scout cars were ordered back to the Recce headquarters, but their bearings were taken and they were swamped with German artillery fire. By this G. Dijkstra fell and many were wounded. At a certain moment infantry were also unable to advance and they dug in. After powerful artillery and mortar fire on the Germans, the advanced post was disabled, at the cost of another three dead (J. Buytelaar, E. Alvares and A. Berkley) and a great number of wounded."

(Sources: Dutch Commando Museum/Prinses Irene Brigade website.)

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