Company Sergeant Major (Instructor)
Army Physical Training Corps
Thursday, January 16, 1919
Died : 
Thursday, March 23, 2017

CSMI Frickleton was the head of the Physical Training Team of Sgt's Bissell and Bellringer at the Commando Depot, Achnacarry.

In his book It had to be Tough, the author James Dunning describes CSMI Frickleton's role and adds that he was " a splendid warrant officer."

Donald Gilchrist in his book Castle Commando describes him as " a small compact bundle of muscles with a head of closely cropped curls and a well developed sense of humour."

A document titled "The Fighting Frickletons - Born up the Braes" describes him as follows "Alex Frickleton was born in 1919, attended Drumbowie Primary School at Standburn.  Alex’s father was a cousin to Samuel Frickleton, VC."

Little else was known of him other than he was listed in the Commando Association Lost Legion Lists (Issue No.5 in 1974) as members they had lost contact with over the years. However on the 10th January 2016 we were informed that Alex is currently living in Ontario and will be celebrating his 98th birthday in a few days time.

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