WW2 Commando History - October

WW2 Commando History - October

There are too many operations and/or notable dates to mention each and every one but here are some. .

23rd October 1942 was the date of the execution of the seven Commandos taken prisoner of war after Operation Musketoon. This operation was a raid on an electricity generating station at Glomfjord in German occupied Norway. Ten Commandos from No 2 Commando and 2 Norwegian corporals working for the SOE took part in the raid. They were taken by submarine to a remote Fjord, completed a difficult overland route, approaching their target from the rear and successfully destroyed it. Seven were captured and executed at Sachsenhausen Concentraion Camp under Hitler's infamous Commando Order. [click/touch the image below for more information]

Memorial to those interned at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and who perished there or elsewhere at the hands of their captors. Included are the Commandos and Naval personnel from Operation Checkmate, and the Commandos from Operation Musketoon. [click/touch the image  for more]


3rd/4th October 1942  Operation Basalt - a raid on the island of Sark by a small group from No 12 Commando and the SSRF . Click/touch this link to view our album of photos and information about the Small Scale Raiding Force

3rd October 1943  Operation Devon - Termoli. Amongst the Allied forces taking part were No 3 Army Commando, 40RM Commando, and the Special Raiding Squadron (SAS). They captured Termoli, thus unhinging the German defensive position along the river Bifurno. The enemy counter-attacked violently. For a time confusion reigned and the situation was critical, but the great steadiness of the Commando troops under Durnford-Slater, saved the town. An account of No 3 Cdo 6 troop action written by Jack Cox who served in 6 troop can be read HERE

October 1944 - the continuation of Operation Mercerised with operations in the Sarande and Delvine areas of Albania.

The force known as Houndforce consisted of Commandos from HQ 2 Cdo Bde., No 2 Commando, and 40RM Commando, assisted by units of the Special Raiding Squadron, Assyrian paratroopers under the command of Maj. Guy Hudson, along with Albanian partisans. This operation took place between the 22nd September and the 21st October.

On the 12th October 1944, 40RM Commando participated as part of Houndforce on the island of Corfu. They would return again in the New Year.

28th October 1944 - 43RM Commando participated in Operation Floxo at Dubrovnik.

31st October 1944 - In North West Europe the allies continued their advances with No 4 Commando preparing with units from 10(IA) Commando, and 41, 47, and 48RM Commandos for their assault on Walcheren the following day.

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