Association Mission Statement

The Commando Veterans Association was renamed the Commando Association on 1 June 2019.

The Commando Association was formed to ensure that the unique spirit, tradition and camaraderie of the Commandos do not fade but are kept alive, for present and future generations. The title "Commando Association" does not refer to war veterans, but to all Commandos, serving and retired, veterans of the Green beret.

Like all Forces personnel, former and serving Commandos rely on their family and friends for support. This is especially true for those returning having seen active service. Therefore the Commando Association encourages family and friends of Commandos to apply for Associate membership and continue this support through the work of the Association.

1. Title The title of the Association shall be ‘The Commando Association’, short name ‘The CA’.

2. Address CA HQ ,  56 Mason Road, Headless Cross, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 5DU, England.

3. Definitions
3.1 The CA shall mean the Commando Association.
3.2 The President shall mean the President of the CA.
3.3 The Vice President shall mean the Vice President of the CA.
3.4 The Chairman shall mean the Chairman of the CA.
3.5 The Officers shall mean the Officers of the CA.
3.6 The Standing Committee shall mean the Standing Committee of the CA.
3.7 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall mean the AGM of the CA.

4. Aims and Objectives of the CA:
The aims and objectives of the CA are to:
4.1 Maintain comradeship and esprit de corps between members of the CA and to promote fellowship between Veterans, their families and friends of the Commandos.
4.2 To carry forward the history of the Army Commandos, alongside that of the Royal Marines Commandos who have the Royal Marines Association (RMA).
4.3 Assist in forming new Branches and to promote and maintain contact between existing Branches.
4.4 Arrange a Reunion, an AGM and other meetings as required.
4.5 Promote opportunities for members to contribute to the development of the CA.
4.6 Contact those members in need and provide assistance wherever possible.


5. Membership of the CA
5.1 Full membership of the CA shall be open to all ranks/ratings that have earned the coveted Green Beret and have served or are serving in the Commandos. Associate membership shall be open to families and friends of Commandos if sponsored by one FULL member. Honorary Full membership can be bestowed upon an Associate member if proposed by two Full members, the final decision being that of the Committee. Honorary Full and Associate members are entitled to be present at meetings but have no voting rights.
5.2 In the event of a discreditable act by any Member, the Committee will enquire into the complaint and if justified, the offending Member may be expelled from the CA.

6. Subscriptions
The CA subscription period shall be from 1st April until 31st March in each year. There is a £5, one off, joining fee in addition to an annual subscription of £12 UK and  £15 overseas.  The joining fee and first year's subscription should be included with the application form. Any member joining after 31st March shall be deemed to have paid their subscriptions for the following year. Subscription fees can be reviewed annually by the Committee at the AGM.

7. Government of the CA
7.1 The supreme governing body of the CA shall be the AGM.
7.2 There shall be a Standing Committee which shall conduct the financial and general affairs of the CA subject to any direction from the AGM.
7.3 A Standing Committee of at least the following elected Officers will be required to be voted in at the AGM:
• President
• Vice President
• Chairman
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Up to 3 x Members
7.4 Elected members will normally serve for a minimum period of one year.
7.5 The Standing Committee shall meet at least once a year.
7.6 The powers of the Standing Committee shall be to determine the policy whereby the aims and objectives of the CA may be achieved, subject to direction by an AGM.
7.7 Any member of the CA may be co-opted to service on sub-committees to deal with particular items of business.
7.8 The CA must follow the aims and objectives laid down and it must democratically represent the membership group for which it is established.

8. Officers The Officers of the CA are the President, the Vice President, the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and up to 3 Committee Members.

8.1 The President shall be elected from among the members of the CA and should hold office for one year. They are to be active and advise the Committee when needed. At the expiration of office the President is eligible for immediate re-election.

Vice President
8.2 The Vice President shall be elected from among the members of the CA and should hold office for one year. They are to be active and advise the Committee when needed. They shall deputise for the President in the event of the President’s absence. At the expiration of office the Vice President is eligible for immediate re-election.

8.3 The Chairman shall be elected from among the members of the CA and should hold office for one year. They are to be active and to be the driving force behind the Committee. The Chairman shall normally preside at meetings of the CA and at meetings of the Standing Committee. At the expiration of office the Chairman is eligible for immediate re-election.

Secretary, Treasurer
8.4 The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from among the members of the CA and should hold office for one year. The Secretary and Treasurer can be the same elected member.

8.5 The Secretary shall keep CA membership records, conduct correspondence,
issue notices, attend meetings of the CA and its Standing Committee, be responsible for issuing the necessary minutes of such meetings and ensure that resolutions are communicated to the proper persons, or otherwise duly carried out.

8.6 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial arrangements of the CA and for preparing an annual statement of accounts for audit at the AGM.

8.7 They shall deputise for the Chairman in the event of the Chairman’s absence. At the expiration of office they are eligible for immediate re-election.

8.8 Members will be volunteers who are willing to assist the Standing Committee in organising events, or who are able to assist in specific areas such as Welfare.

9. General Meetings of the Branch
9.1 The supreme governing body of the CA shall be the AGM subject to statutory duties placed on Officers and the Standing Committee.
9.2 An AGM shall be summoned at least once in every year and at such other times, as the CA shall determine.
9.3 An extra-ordinary meeting may be called by the Chairman and can also be called on written request to the Secretary of at least TEN members of the CA.
9.4 The quorum for the AGM or any meeting shall be FIFTEEN members. In the event of the quorum not being achieved, the meeting may discuss the agenda and advise the Standing Committee. Power to determine any matter on the agenda shall be the responsibility of the Standing Committee.

10. Financial Control
10.1 The Standing Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that proper books and records of all CA income and expenditure are maintained.
10.2 No member of the Standing Committee shall have power to borrow money.
10.3 Expenditure shall not be incurred by the CA in excess of the income.
10.4 The accounts of the CA shall be audited at the AGM. A statement of audit is to be signed by the elected auditor and countersigned as verification by an additional member.

11. Events
11.1 The Annual Commando Gathering at Fort William (including annual draw), the Service at Westminster Abbey, the St George’s Day celebrations at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the Commando Summer Service at the National Memorial Arboretum and an Annual Dinner night will be co-ordinated by the Standing Committee.
11.2 CA events will be advertised in the CA Dispatches newsletter and the CVA website.

12. Website The CVA website has been developed to promote the CA and to provide an interface where members can be informed of various sources of information pertaining to the CA and Commandos in general. Find it at:

13. Newsletters A newsletter – Dispatches – will be issued every four months (Feb, Jun, Oct). Members are kindly requested to submit articles and photos for each edition.

14. CA Support
14.1 The Data Protection Act prevents the CA from providing lists of members to any outside agencies. Members’ details will only be given to other existing CA members where permission has been granted by that member to the CA Secretary.
14.2 CA details, updates and a calendar of events will be published in the CA Newsletter and on the website.
14.3 Any additional support or information can be obtained from the CA National Secretary:

CA HQ ,  56 Mason Road, Headless Cross, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 5DU, England.
Email: [email protected]

12/6/19 Amended to reflect the new name of the Association at request of the National Secretary.
22/6/19 Amended page header from Mission Statement to Association Mission Statement.

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