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Name Rank Unit Award
SIMPSON, John Denys Stenhouse Captain
SIMPSON, Peter Leash Acting Sergeant
SIMPSON, Samuel Marine
SIMPSON, Thomas Marine
SIMS, Richard William Sergeant
SINCLAIR, Alexander Innes Lance Sergeant
SINCUP, Arnold William Lance Sergeant
SINGLETON, Ronald Barry Marine
SKEATES, Albert Charles Lance Corporal
SKEATH, Norman Albert Acting Temporary Sergeant
SKELLAND, Colin Marine
SKELTON, John Lance Corporal
SKELTON, Stanley Marine
SKINGLEY, Sidney Private
SKINNER, Bernard Gordon Lieutenant
SLATER, Arthur Private
SLAVIN, Gerrard Private
SMALL, Michael John Sergeant
SMALLBONE, Nelson Arthur Michel Sergeant
SMALLEY, Christopher John Lieutenant
SMALLMAN, Joseph Stevens Marine
SMALLMAN, Sydney Private
SMITH, Andrew Henry Captain
SMITH, Anthony Graham Marine
SMITH, Bernard George Marine
SMITH, Charles Edward Corporal
SMITH, Darren James Marine
SMITH, Derek Marine
SMITH, Fred Gunner
SMITH, Gabriel Second Lieutenant
SMITH, George Alfred Private
SMITH, George Edward Private
SMITH, Henry Defriez Lance Corporal
SMITH, Ian David Broadway Lieutenant
SMITH, J. Private
SMITH, James Lance Corporal
SMITH, James Anthony Marine
SMITH, James Thomas Richardson Sergeant
SMITH, Jeremy Corporal
SMITH, John Marine
SMITH, John Alexander Marine
SMITH, John Rolland Sergeant
SMITH, Joseph Gunner
SMITH, Kelvin Richard Band Sergeant
SMITH, Kevin John Gunner
SMITH, Michael Warrant Officer Class 2
SMITH, Michael Arnold Second Lieutenant
SMITH, Miller Sergeant
SMITH, Peter Gunner
SMITH, Philip Robert Corporal
SMITH, Ralph Marine
SMITH, Reginald Marine
SMITH, Ronald James Private
SMITH, Ronald Sidney John Corporal
SMITH, Roy Montague Corporal
SMITH, Thomas Lance Sergeant
SMITH, Thomas William Currie Marine
SMITH, William Thomas Corporal (Acting Sergeant)
SNOW, Henry Thomas Lance Corporal
SNOWDEN, Fred Marine
SNOXELL, Oliver Marine
SOLBU, Alf Kristian Lieutenant
SOUTHERN, Michael John Marine
SOUTHWORTH, John Charles Hughes Company Sergeant Major
SOUTHWORTH, Ronald Corporal
SPARKS, Georgie Marine
SPAUL, William Albert Corporal
SPAWFORTH, Herbert Corporal
SPEAR, William James Clement Company Sergeant Major
SPEARS, Thomas Company Sergeant Major
SPEED, Michael Edward Roy Corporal
SPENCE, Ernest Marine
SPENCER, Frank Marine
SPENCER, Ian Frank Corporal
SPIERS, Eric Sergeant
SPRUCE, Reginald Gibson Marine
SPURLING, David Neville Lieutenant
SQUIRE, John Robert Marine
St.ANGE, William James Marine
STALKER, Hugh Henry Sergeant
STALLWOOD, Frederick Thomas Lance Corporal
STAMPER, Sydney Lance Corporal
STANDERWICK, James Henry Lance Corporal
STANFORD, Charles Robert Sergeant
STANLEY, James Edward Marine
STANSFIELD, Christian John Marine
STANTON, Allen John Marine
STAPLES, Montague Corporal of Horse
STAPLETON, Alfred William Rifleman
STAPLETON, Malcolm Donald Warrant Officer Class 1 (CAS)
STAPLEY, Hugh John Marine
STARLING, Horace Edwin Lieutenant
STEDMAN, Ernest Harold Private
STEPHENS, Kenneth William Marine
STEPHENS, Seth Vincent Scott Corporal
STEPHENSON, Keith Phillip Marine
STEPHENSON, Lee Martin Lance Corporal
STEVENS, Cyril Ernest Marine
STEVENS, John William Private
STEVENS, Richard Marine
STEVENS, Terence Morton Patrick Lieutenant Colonel
STEVENSON, Donald Henry Sergeant
STEVENSON, Thomas Corporal
STEVENTON, Thomas Corporal
STEWARD, John Arthur Private
STEWART, David James Lieutenant
STEWART, James MacDonald Driver
STEWART, John Marine
STEWART, John Alexander Lance Corporal
STEWART, Kenneth Corporal
STICKINGS, Brian John Captain
STICKLEY, Robert Arthur Private
STIEBEL, John Edward Captain
STILES, Arthur Marine
STILL, Edgar Thomas Lance Corporal
STILWELL, Michael William Captain
STOCKBRIDGE, William Rifleman
STOCKDALE, William Richard Troop Sergeant Major
STOCKLEY, Gordon Herbert Lieutenant Colonel
STOCKWELL, John Neville Marine
STODDART, John Private
STOKELL, Charles Leslie Corporal (Temporary WO2)(Company Sergeant Major)
STOKES, George Stanley Lance Corporal
STONE, Henry Gunner
STONE, Sidney James Sergeant
STOREY, John Marine
STOREY, Percy Ronald Lance Corporal
STOTT, Charles Henry Trooper
STOTT, Ronald Martin Captain
STOUT, Kenneth Andrew Private
STOVELL, William Charles Marine
STRACHAN, Michael Andrew Captain
STRADLING, Robert Fettes Sergeant
STRAIN, Eric Marine
STRANGE, George Private
STRATFORD, Mark Russell Warrant Officer Class 2
STRAY, Dennis Wilfred Marine
STREAMS, Albert Edward Marine
STREDWICK, Ernest Henry Sergeant
STREETS, George Bryan Officer Cadet
STRINGER, Eric Acting Corporal
STRINGER, John Clive Acting Temporary Sergeant
STUART, John Private
STUART, Ronald Corporal
STURMEY, Frank Ernest Marine
STYLE, Dofydd Carlyle Willoughby Captain
STYLE, Michael George Hurrell Lieutenant
STYLES, Alexander Mundie Signaller
SULLIVAN, Lawrence Robert Lance Corporal
SUMMERHAYES, Arthur James Sergeant


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