12 Commando Operations

These are some of the operations that No 12 Commando took part in, either on their own, or as part of a Combined Operations assault.  In many cases only a handful of Commandos from No 12 took part rather than the Commando as a whole. They are in date order and form part of our overall history of No 12 Commando.

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Operation Chess - France, July 1941

Operation Kitbag - Norway, November 1941(aborted)

Operation Anklet - Norway, November 1941

Operation Chariot - France, March 1942

Operation Foxrock - France, May 1942 (aborted)

Operation Aflame - France, October 1942

Operation Basalt - Sark, October 1942 with SSRF

Operation Farenheit - Brittany, November 1942 with SSRF

Operation Batman - France, November 1942 with SSRF

Operation Cartoon - Norway, January 1943

Operation Roundabout - Norway, March 1943

Operation Carey - Norway, April 1943

Operation Checkmate - Norway, April 1943

Forfar Operations - France, August/September 1943

Operation Hardtack (Dog) - France November 1943 with SSRF