Holding Operational Commando

The Holding Operational Commando (HOC) was based at Wrexham.

Their ROH is part of the Special Service Bde RH. [view]

RM Holding Cdo. Officers, Oct.'44

Extract from the Navy Lists

October 1944 Volume 2 Page 1105.  (page 261 on N.L.S. website page list)
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
Commanding Officer —  Lieut.-Col. A. E. Tilley, R.F.
2nd in Command 
Act. Maj. R. H. W. Kirby.
Act. Lieut. Col. T. M. Gray, M.C.

Act. Maj. G. H. Stockley.
Act. Tempy. Maj. J. N. Rushforth, M.C.
J. A. Taplin.

Capt. B. J. Teeling.
Tempy. Capt.
G. P. Stubbs.
J. D. Moys.
G. G. Darley-Bentley.
R. T. Fowler.

Act. Capts.
R. S. I. Muldowney.

Act. Tempy. Capts.
J. G. Boardley.
G. A. Kaye.
L. W. M. Brown.
R. B. Loudon.
H. R. Minchin.
C. N. P. Powell,   D.S.O.
D. H. Barker.
W. F. Hoare.
E. W. Ecrebont, M.C.
C. E. Walker.
N. A. W. Hayward.
R. A. St. Quintin.
P. R. Kay.
N. G. Michell.
R. C. E. Cory.
A. P. O'Brien.

Tempy. Lieuts.
C. V. Oppitz.
E. G. Glover.
A. C. Buglear.
C. R. Walsh.
H. J. Keigwin.
D. T. T. Mackinnon.
W. A. C. Horsfall.
N. B. Collings.
D. J. Geeves.
C. H. Bristow.
D. J. Wearing.
M. C. Brookbank.
I. C. McKellar.
E. F. J. Earwicker.
P. E. Abbott.
R. A. F. Penney.
F. Jorden.
H. G. Hough.
A. N. F. McLean.
W. D. Gregory.
P. H. Allbutt.
J. C. Stewart.
P. S. Winston.

Tempy. 2nd Lieut.
J. May.
K. D. Iliffe.
I. Goldstein, M.C.
Q. S. Ford.
B. Linscott.
D.K. Green.

Tempy. Maj. J. H. Freeman, S.A.U.D.F.
Tempy. Lieut. S. L. Fouche, S.A.U.D.F.
Quartermaster —  
Tempy. Lieut. (Qr. -Mr.)
C. R. Walsh.
A. M. Berrif

Schoolmaster —  
W. Roberts, M.A., R.N.
A. W. Nutter, B.A., R.N.
Tempy. Sergt. Maj.—  C. J. B. Young.