10 Cdo Roll of Honour 2tp.

The Fallen from No.10 Inter Allied Commando 2 Troop
Killed in action or died of wounds
Sergeant  Jack van Rosendael 
Private Adrianus J. Hagelaars
Private August B. Roozeboom 
Died post war on active service
Private Gerard H.J. Bendien 
Died with the Prinses Irene Brigade
Cpl. A. Berkley

Below is an A-Z view of the Roll of Honour with information about each of the Fallen.

BENDIEN, Gerard Hendrik Joan

Gerard Bendien 2 troop
No 10 Commando
Pte. Bendien served in 2 (Dutch) troop of the Commando. 
On the 1st December 1944 he was promoted to the rank of temporary Sergeant Major during the period he was attached from the Commando to the Staff of the Dutch Interior Forces. He died whilst in a jeep that crashed into a tree at Zeist.


No 10 Commando
Corporal Berkley, who had served with 2 (Dutch) troop of the Commando, died during operations with the Prinses Irene Brigade.
Extract from the Prinses Irene Brigade website

HAGELAARS, Adrianus Josephus

Pte Adrianus Hagelaars 2 troop
No 10 Commando

Pte. Hagelaars, who served in 2 (Dutch) troop of the Commando,  died at Eindhoven.  At the time of his death  Pte. Hagelaars was attached to the staff of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands as part of his body guardHe was the recipient of the Kruis van Verdienste (Cross of Merit gallantry award Holland).  (Source: Dutch Commando Museum.)