12 Commando, Misc. Documents

12 Commando, Redesignation of 4 (Para) Troop,1943

Type: Letters
Author: Chris Rooney
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Rooney, Lovat,

A letter to Captain Oswald B (Mickey) Rooney of 4 (Para) Troop, No12 Commando from Lord Lovat, HQ Special Service Brigade, on the reallocation of No12 Cdo.Lovat has added a footnote to Mickey Rooney

OC No 9 'is short of a good subaltern who can be added to the 27 other ranks. Please contact him.

Document courtesy of Capt Rooney's son, Chris Rooney

12 Commando, Letter From Lord Mountbatten

Type: Official Letters
Author: John Mewett
Year of Publishing: 2015
Keywords: Mountbatten Harrison 12 Commando E Troop

Letter sent from Lord Mountbatten to Lt Col Harrison after a visit to No 12 Commando .....troop mentioned is E Troop commanded by Lt Pinckney.