Ranville War Cemetery

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ALLEN, George Edward

Pte. Allen was killed during operations at Normandy.

The No 6 Cdo War Diary for the 10th June records "Place: In the field, Le Plein a.m. - 2 Troop kill 2 snipers with 'K' gun.  We are heavily mortared.  We answer with our own mortars. 0800 - Enemy attacks, all troops engage.  By 1700 hrs all attacks definitely repelled.  Suspect enemy got it in the neck.  Our own casualties total 16."


Hans Arenstein 10 Commando

Hans Arenstein served under an alias of Harry Andrews. He was of the Jewish Faith and a member of 3 troop, also known as 'X' troop, of the inter allied commando.  He was attached to 47RM Commando at the time of his death.

nb. The date of death (10th) has been confirmed with the CWGC as being correct.

BUTLER, Brian Dear

Major Butler MC was killed at Chateau d'Amfreville during severe mortaring of their HQ. He and five others were killed. Lt T.N. Skelly and three others wounded. He had previously been awarded the Military Cross whilst a T/Captain for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy".
Sources: No 3 Commando War Diary dated 11th June 1944.
London Gazettes publication date 25th January 1944; Supplement 36349; Page 518.

COAKER, Vernon

Sgt Coaker was killed during operations on D Day.

We have numerous photos in our gallery of him in both 3 and 4 troops and it is clear that he had served in the Commando since at least June 1942 (the first dated photo). Although we have only listed the two operations where we have confirmed references that he served, it is likely that he would have been with No 3 Commando on all their operations since at least June 1942.


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